The Chase Clean Homepage

Simplistic. Uncompromising. Inspiring.

That’s how The Chase design firm in the UK approaches each project they take on from the very first part of planning to the final execution. This reliable strategy shows in everything they do—no matter the intensity of the project.

Within the first moments of visiting The Chase’s website, users are immersed in the diversity of the company’s work with a slider of images that feature projects they’ve created. The company offers immediate variety by presenting photography, vector imaging, realistic animation, and cartoon animation all in one spot.

The Chase Clean Menu Design

Taking a minimalistic approach, The Chase utilizes a plain background with basic black font to keep from distracting consumers from the point they want to make: Their work deserves all the attention. The excessive surrounding white space is an important aspect to The Chase’s website design, meant to emphasize the vivid imagery and the various styles of the work showcased in their portfolio. The Chase smartly puts a number of projects on display at the very beginning of the page so as to show off what they can do as quickly as possible.

The Chase Clean Gallery Design

In addition to graphic design and branding, The Chase takes on video design projects. Notably, several of their projects have received nominations for Academy Awards and more. The company offers the second half to their website, most discernable through the flip-flop in design by using a black background with basic white font—a complete turnaround from the rest of the website. This sudden contrast in design sparks interest in users while browsing, encouraging them to continue exploring the information on the website.

The Chase offers a wide variety of different focus areas for clients’ projects. To see their work, the company makes it simple to search through their videos by category type or by the subject covered. The click and search design makes the UX easy to navigate for consumers.

As a whole, the shining aspect of The Chase’s website is their reliable approach to simplicity. The plain, white background—or black, depending on where users are within the site—ensures that The Chase’s project samples are always the star of the show. The simple UI lets users get a complete picture of the company’s abilities.

The Chase is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.