Caever Clean Website Design

Caever is a prestigious real estate company utilizing a sleek design to convey the professionalism of their work. Specializing in property management and creative design for real estate, the company uses a clean, monochromatic color scheme to emphasize the vibrant photos and videos used to depict their work and projects.

To make navigating through their site easy, Caever employs a sliding window side menu that breaks down the website by the number of pages available. Visitors can easily move between pages because the menu is available across the entire site.

Each page Caever presents uses crisp images to convey a point, in combination with short text and hyperlinks to move around between articles and projects. In addition to showing off pictures of locations they have worked on, Caever incorporates images of its employees engaging in what they do best. The photographs give potential clients a sense of who they will be working with.

Using a simple plugin form, visitors are able to reach out to Caever with any questions they may have or to propose a project to the company. The contact page also has a location map embedded into the page for visitors to find the company through Google Maps.

Toward the bottom of the screen, visitors have access to a series of hyperlinks that allow them to find Caever on social media. Each hyperlink opens in a new browser window. Additionally, the company has made their email address accessible in a way that opens a modal window for visitors to email the company directly from their personal email address. If interested, a visitor can also contact the company through a web-based phone app by clicking on the company’s phone number.

Caever is a clean website design in the Real Estate industry.