Made By Many Colorful Homepage

Made By Many is a diverse digital design company dedicated to transforming the digital platform for business as they see it to be the key to running a business. With their focus on standing apart in the industry, the company utilizes a combination of illustrations and bright colors to entice potential clients.

Made By Many Clean Product Page

The Services page is broken down into two pages, about the company and services offered. The breakdown allows for a shift of focus when potential clients want to see something different.

The pages combine serif font headers with sans serif font paragraphs for easy reading. Different pieces of information are labeled with different colors to be easily told apart from one another. Keeping things fun and light, geometric shapes and designs are placed on the page, coordinating with the label colors.

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Made By Many Clean Blog Page

Made By Many makes use of an extensive blog entitled “Our stories” to share with potential clients and regular clients alike. The page employs a wide negative space to put the focus on the lined-up posts. Presented one post at a time, blog posts contain one image with a text box layered over the right edge for a dynamic appearance.

The page also makes use of a secondary menu left-aligned within the page. The options of pages coordinate with how the company tags each individual article by its content type. Potential clients are able to utilize an infinite scroll to go through all articles or pick a certain subject area to explore.

Made By Many Clean Gallery Page

Made By Many creates a dynamic appearance to really kick off their portfolio’s impact on potential clients. Portfolio pieces are presented in a singular line surrounded by white negative space.

However, on each line, photographs and project titles are placed in opposite alignment of one another for a varied appearance. The alignment effect draws the eyes down the page, added to this overall unique website experience. 

Made By Many is a colorful website design in the Professional Services industry.

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