NewDevRev Website Design

NewDevRev Website Design Wows Visitors with Class and Efficiency

Like Frankie said, “Start spreading the news,” there’s a new “Top of the list, Head of the heap, King of the hill!” You get the idea.

NewDevRev is a brand-new, premier source for all new development properties in New York City. Being the first consumer portal in a city synonymous with real estate development, NewDevRev required an equally premium online presence. Enter Digital Silk!

The NewDevRev website design is a masterclass of elegance, emphasizing Big Apple’s renowned business efficiency. The site is designed for modern buyers who don’t want to waste their precious time navigating a complex site. 

However, zeroing in on efficiency and capability doesn’t mean it lacks homely warmth while showcasing high-end architecture. Both are clearly reflected in the brand’s web design.

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NewDevRev website design - menu navigation

NewDevRev's Streamlined Navigation Ensures Increased Visitor Retention and Conversion

NewDevRev’s sticky top bar navigation menu makes exploring the website a breeze. It mitigates potential confusion and distraction by relying on a clean and practical horizontal design on the top right side of the page.

The menu perfectly fits into this real estate web design. It is easily approachable, ensuring superb usability and by extension, enhanced UX and low bounce rate.

Digital Silk simplified the navigation even further, as the menu contains only a handful of key user journey points.

The whole website isn’t overly “large” to navigate. As soon as users land on the home page, they don’t need to scroll too far to get to the bottom or spend a lot of time finding exactly what they need.

Right from the get-go, visitors can marvel at the incredibly convenient listing tool, which helps them find ideal property opportunities in just a few clicks.

One especially convenient touch is the use of a uniformed footer on each page with a prominent CTA button, points of contact, as well as a list of available properties. All these elements help booking an appointment fast and (again) efficient.

NewDevRev website design - NYC vista

Holistic Branding Elevates NewDevRev’s Website to Towering Heights

Besides designing the website, Digital Silk provided all the messaging in succinct paragraphs to emphasize key selling points. But they didn’t stop there — the agency also developed a full brand identity for NewDevRev including the logo, color palette and typography.

The palette choice, a particular combination of deep blue and gold accents, makes the whole website look modern; it emanates an air of exclusivity without feeling pretentious.

Messaging and information availability are crucial elements of any website, but the way it's presented is even more important. 

There are two distinct fonts present in different copy sections: a classy variant of the Mencken Std serif font for headings and a professional-looking Franklin Gothic sans-serif font for major portions of text and buttons. The typography pairing is clean, reader-friendly and easy to consume. It gives the whole website a magazine-like quality and ultimately embodies the NewDevRev brand.

The on-brand iconography and the strategic use of thin linework as both static and soft animated design elements add to the high-end feel of the website.

NewDevRev website design ticks all the best practice boxes, especially in content legibility and navigation, resulting in a delightful user journey that delivers vital information seamlessly.

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NewDevRev website design - stunning visuals

Ample Negative Space Drives Attention to Key Elements While Striking Visuals Help Convert NewRevDev’s Leads

While it’s not exactly minimal per se, the NewDevRev website design is characterized by a clear visual hierarchy and masterful usage of negative space that makes the site more user-friendly.

The layout improves readability and allows visitors to consume content more efficiently. This method is one of the most popular trends in real estate web design because of how easily it draws the users to the important elements that sell.

The uncluttered backdrop and clear layout allow for the striking visuals to stand out and grab attention. In fact, NewDevRev uses stunning, high-res images of both the legendary NYC vista and individual properties to immerse visitors and pique their interests.

While enamoring visitors with beautiful photographs, the website offers another way to explore its rich residential offers. The addition of an interactive NYC map and listings ensures visitors become actively involved, instead of them just passively bumping into the information they seek.

NewDevRev website design - interactive map

NewDevRev Website Design Is a Triumphant Example of a One-Stop-Shop in Real Estate Sector

With its unified website presence, NewDevRev is a perfect example of what happens when you combine meticulous brand strategy and identity with exemplary UX/UI design.

Digital Silk crafted a professional website that is sure to resonate with the target audience and that accurately reflects the business and its values, which is why it’s laureled with our DesignRush’s Best Design award!

Alas, if you can make it in any of NewDevRev’s properties, you can make it anywhere. “It’s up to you, New York, New York!”

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