Nenad Zivojinovic Elegant Website Design

Live modern, retro, or however you want! That’s what Nenad Zivojinovic aims to accomplish with his architecture and design work. 

With a focus on interior design and structure, Nenad Zivojinovic introduces you to a number of projects he has put together, directly from the homepage in a slideshow.

High-definition photographs make up an impressive backdrop. Browse through each image at your own pace through the navigation arrows discreetly placed on the left and right sides of the page.

Challenging statements are splayed across each image in between the arrows. But for a unique flair, get ready to turn your head upside down! As the different phrases rotate, the second word in each is upside down. It’s an effective experimental element.

Easy navigation is great, but thematic navigation takes a menu to a whole new level. On the right side of the page, you’re given access to a hamburger menu that opens over the page you’re viewing.

In a high contrast to one another, the background is in black while the words are in white. It’s classic and attention-grabbing.

Taking a creative turn, the menu employs a bookish theme, offering up chapters as web page "titles." You can see whatever page you're viewing numerically represented like a chapter on the right side of the page.

The rest of the chapter numbers remain hidden, only to reveal themselves at the touch of your mouse. The dynamic design makes the menu experience interactive and fun.

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Nenad Zivojinovic Elegant About Page

Sticking to the monochromatic theme, Nenad Zivojinovic introduces himself with the help of a beautiful black and white design.

A well-defined portrait of the man himself makes up the background of the page, centering the physical portrait on the page while the background fades outward around him. 

Settled to the right of his portrait, Nenad Zivojinovic uses a stylistic typewriter font for an added ambiance.

Nenad Zivojinovic’s website has a sleek, contemporary feel across each page, from the high-resolution photographs used to the beautifully contrasting monochromatic theme.

The atmosphere only amplifies the effect that the architectural and interior designs have on the user.

Nenad Zivojinovic is an elegant website design in the Architecture and Arts & Recreation industries.

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