CatScarf Beautiful Website Design

CatScarf, a brand dedicated to making scarves for cats, is all about the cuteness factor. With pictures of feline friends and adorable illustrations, CatScarf isn’t afraid to pull at your heartstrings.

As the home page loads, an animation of two needles knitting a scarf introduces the user to the playful aesthetic of the page. Landing on the home page, the user is greeted by a full screen picture of a sleeping cat in one of CatScarf’s signature scarves.

A transparent navigation bar at the top of the screen directs the user to their products. An illustration of a cat wearing a scarf in the center of the navigation bar adds texture to the page while reinforcing the adorable brand image. As the user scrolls, sticky navigation appears; the navigation bar shrinks in size and turns white, remaining static at the top of the screen.

Typeface is one of the most important design features of this web page. A mixture of elegant serifed typeface and cursive populate the page, creating a soft, feminine feel to the site. Key text appears in white, but as the user scrolls over the links, they become illuminated in a shade of chartreuse. This uncommon color choice highlights the unique nature of the brand.

Scrolling through the home page, the user is introduced to the different scarf collections. Towards the bottom of the page, large chunks of copy in black, serified typeface explain the key selling points of the brand, intermixed with illustrations and high-resolution photographs.

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CatScarf Beautiful Product Page

Images on the home page serve as buttons that direct the user to CatScarf’s product pages. Arrows to either side of the page allow the user to quickly click through the different product pages. The scarves are featured in crisp images with a zoom function, so customers know what they’re buying before they make a purchase.

The mix of cursive and serifed typefaces, as well as the same navigation bar and illustrations appear in the product pages, creating a unified aesthetic throughout the page. With a web page this cute, user will surely be reminded of their furry friends.

CatScarf is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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