StreamTime Creative Homepage

Streamtime’s website demonstrates an innovative, playful design that enhances UI and UX for each user. Thanks to the cartoon man at the bottom of the screen, the web design organizes its own webpages to encourage lighthearted user interactions.

The website relies heavily on a side-scroll, timeline-inspired design, allowing users to navigate the sitemap in an original way. Each webpage uses a light-gray background, forcing the dark typography to pop off the page. At the top of the site is a noticeable menu bar that’s useful for users, without diminishing the experience with the unique UI.

StreamTime Creative Website Design

The man at the bottom is colorful and funny with his textual blurbs. Users can interact with him by moving the mouse, and he’ll either walk or run through the timeline. Each page features an illustration that highlights the subject mentioned in the bold page title. On the bottom right corner is a chat button that users can click on to live chat with someone from Streamline. This is a great way to apply UX interface and increase further user interaction.

StreamTime Creative Product Page

Streamline’s product page is a bright, yellow background, illuminating the content in the middle of the page. What’s interesting about the final page of the walk-through is that there are no longer any illustrations or animations, except for the little man on the skateboard. This encourages users to seriously consider the product, sign up for a trial, or use the live chat option.

Streamline’s website is revolutionary due to its timeline format and colorful illustrations. Although the design relies heavily on animation, it isn't busy or overwhelming. The web design is immersive and original, combining creativity with simplicity.

StreamTime is a creative website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Professional Services industries.