Clear Score Clean Homepage

Clear Score is a credit report service that offers its services completely free of charge. To reflect this concern for savings and customer-focused business, Clear Score has created a brand and site that stresses ease of use and consumer empowerment. For example, the background of this home page features the image of an individual sitting intrepidly before a massive landscape. This image stresses the capacity and potential of the individual. It evokes a sense that anything is possible in the hands of a capable user.

No matter how expansive the gorge of a user’s credit might be, they can traverse it with the help of Clear Score. Additionally, the center button encouraging users to “see your score” stresses that the rest of the site will be a singular and personal experience for every user. In unison, these design elements create a brand image and user interface most conducive to the Clear Score experience.

Clear Score Clean Testimonials Page

This testimonial slider continually scrolls to the side with or without the direction of the user. These testimonials not only regularly reinforce the value of the Clear Score brand, but also further emphasize their customer-focused service. Each testimonial helps to personalize Clear Score’s worth and puts a sense of humanity behind the company’s name. Additionally, this slider can be found right below the home page, playing a critical part in the designer’s imagined user experience. The slider indicates how the site has been strategically designed for every user to understand the human values of Clear Score firsthand.

Clear Score Clean About Page

The “About” page introduces yet another tool by which Clear Score humanizes and personalizes their brand. This timeline is an interactive feature which allows users to navigate the growth and development of Clear Score and the people attached to it. This interaction leaves a powerful impression on every user, granting them with a greater understanding of Clear Score’s history and personal relevancy.

Users can see firsthand how a team of passionate individuals built a company and livelihood from nothing into something. This creates a sympathetic UX that endears users to the Clear Score brand while engaging them further with an interactive web mechanic. Powerful interactive design can help users come to understand a company as perhaps more than just a brand.

Clear Score is a best website design in the Banking & Finance and Professional Services industries.