Chaun Clean Homepage

Chaun is an art director and digital design expert who offers his services as a freelancer through this personal site. He specializes in powerfully opaque and minimal design that focuses on function and aesthetic beauty.

The home page demonstrates the way that Chaun delivers maximum utility with a gorgeous interface that together creates an engaging, immersive, and interactive user experience. All of the standard navigation tools are tucked away neatly into the top third of the page. This keeps the exquisite typography in the center of the page as focal point, while still enabling maximum functionality.

Speaking of the text, it’s not only beautifully designed, but it also adds a bit of personal engagement. It reads as if it’s coming from Chaun’s own perspective, which draws the user into a dialogue that spans the rest of the site. On top of this, just below this text is a series of images that serve as Chaun’s portfolio. This follows through on the dialogue users begin having with Chaun the moment they enter his site. He says, “Look at some of my work,” and then he subsequently shows them his work. This creates a call and response effect that makes a very engaging and personable UX, personifying Chaun and his services.

Chaun Clean Website Design

Elsewhere on the site, users encounter this powerful graphic, textual, and visual introduction to Chaun himself. This not only continues his engaging personal touch, but also again showcases his ability to create powerful minimalist interfaces. He exercises his talent with typography while introducing a photographic element for the first time. This expands and reiterates his abilities while still maintaining the site’s incredibly personal experience.

What’s more, the complementary body of text provides a very personal insight into exactly who Chaun is. In union, these elements continue to develop the site’s personal and intimate UX where users engage in a de facto dialogue with Chaun.

Chaun Clean Journal Page

The c page furthers Chaun’s typographical exhibitionism by introducing a different and strong choice of font that relates to the nature of the page itself. The font is evocative of a typewriter and is structured in a way that reads like an old explorer’s recounting of an adventure. This is an example of how typographic selection can reinforce the impetus of a page and create a specific experience with something as simple as font. This page, like all of the pages, demonstrates Chaun as a master of experiential minimalist design.

Chaun is a clean website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.