Cocoon Great Homepage

Cocoon is a digital design studio that specializes in creating high-quality apps and websites. They construct interfaces that fuel great ideas, and the process of enhancement is at the core of everything they do. For example, Cocoon’s home page features several bright and playful elements. Select parts of the text are neon rainbow, intended to accent the most relevant pieces of information.

Additionally, the site immediately launches into a scrolling portfolio that particularly showcases their mobile work. Each little panel features a picture of a phone engaging with one of Cocoon’s interfaces. These panels serve to mutually reinforce one another by serving as a collective reminder of the company’s talent and consistency. The designer has implemented complementary labelling to turn otherwise uncaptivating content into an impressive mass.

Cocoon Great Website Design

When users click on one of the portfolio panels, they're taken to a page like this. The phone screen is laid out into three pictures, each depicting a different phase of the game, and a UI that accents the content of the page. In the example shown here, users see that Cocoon’s team is not only made up of talented, stylistic illustrators, but they also know how to properly implement interactive tools and navigation features.

The content is beautiful, and it’s been chosen specifically to showcase their talent for interface, fueling their product’s core idea. The three-panel layout perfectly demonstrates the scope of their design and the different ways UI can be applied, depending on the content.

Cocoon Great Portfolio Page

When users click on “The Lab” in the top menu of the site, they're brought to the page shown above. Here on the official portfolio page, the company showcases their more experimental, cutting-edge work. As such, the designer has cleverly inverted the color scheme of the page. This is where users can come to find new techniques and styles, so toppling the structure of the previous pages on its head sets a good mood for edginess.

Cocoon is a great website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.