ColocArts Awesome Homepage

ColocArts is a Grenoble-based communications company that works on innovative projects to propel companies further into the Digital Age. Taking a sleek and clean approach to their base design, ColocArts works to show off their visual imagery for creation from the moment users land on their website.

Immediately, when users hit ColocArts’ landing page, they may be prompted to initiate a page translation, depending on what language the consumer uses in their browser, because the original page is written in French.

By utilizing neon greens, the company draws the eyes of the consumer with engaging colors placed against dark backgrounds to illuminate what the consumer should be focused on.

ColocArts Awesome Menu Design

From each page on the website, consumers have access to a sliding window menu that pulls up from the left side of the screen. This menu features an updated stream of news articles for consumers to take a look at. By clicking on an article of interest, a sliding window opens for users to read. Through this menu, viewers also have access to ColocArts’ social media platforms. Each hyperlink opens in a new browser window.

Through their menu, ColocArts offers up a number of easy-to-navigate pages where consumers can learn in-depth about the company and what they have to offer. Users have access to the examples of ColocArts’ previous work. With this feature, viewers are also able to learn about the process of working with the company before moving onto contacting them.

ColocArts Awesome Website Design

ColocArts utilizes a simple plugin form for consumers to contact them. Consumers simply have to input their personal contact information and write a brief [or long] letter to the company about their interest.

Additionally, the contact page offers an up-to-date map of France and the location of ColocArts’ office. Directly from their site, users are able to zoom in and see the office from both a map and a satellite point of view through Google Maps.

ColocArts is an awesome website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.