ConverseNow Website Design

ConverseNow Website Design Emphasizes the Company’s Cutting Edge Technology

Simply put, ConverseNow designs future-proof voice assistants for restaurants. The general idea is to use the latest conversational AI tech that, besides language itself, understands emotional nuances in order to better accommodate and serve customers once integrated into a restaurant’s system.

The company already boasts a presence in hundreds of restaurants across the US, including big brands like Domino’s Pizza and Blake’s Lotaburger. Needless to say, ConverseNow plans to continue scaling.

To match and showcase their growth and innovative service, ConverseNow researched the best web design agencies and later turned to Idea Grove for a new brand identity, including an updated logo, marketing collateral and an engaging website that pulses with potential. 

To help users truly experience this transformative technology, Idea Grove infused the ConverseNow website design with an entirely familiar user experience, which makes navigation, education and onboarding a breeze. How?

Standing out through simplicity, minimalism, memorable branding and proven navigation practices! 

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Minimalism for the win!

ConverseNow Website Stands Out with Minimalistic Design and Clean Typography

Although ConverseNow offers complex and somewhat sci-fi service (for the uninitiated), its website is quite the opposite as it “translates” its broad range of possibilities into a clear, cohesive and understandable message right from the start.

Scrolling down the page triggers smooth transitions that masterfully hide the “lazy loading”. The trick and the resulting visual experience both improve the page load speed and user experience as it prevents visitors to be overwhelmed with too much content.

On-brand letter colors on white negative space add to the overall minimalistic look while the charming illustrations and rich imagery give it a modern, dynamic look and prevent the website to look too corporate.

The techy font choice and its size are just right – not too big, not too small. Such clean typography gives a whole website a uniform look that conveys a professional approach and reliability.

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Negative Space

Prevailing Negative Space Focuses User Attention on the Key Messaging

Rather than serving as awkward or empty, aimless areas,  ample negative space focuses user attention on essentials and contributes to a seamless UX. 

The white space allows content to be more digestible and lets visitors get familiar with the website, while simultaneously keeping them interested and incentivizing them to take action (i.e., click on CTA).

The background breathes effortlessly, improving readability and allowing high-res images to stand out.

Take note that there are dedicated UI/UX developers that specialize in creating intuitive digital experiences. 

Sticky Navigation Menu

The ConverseNow’s Main Menu Navigation Ensures a Smooth User Journey

Now, the most important aspect of every website, no matter how pretty it might look, is how effective it gets users to where they’re aiming for. And this is where Idea Grove shines again.

When designing the menu bar, users typically gravitate towards predictability for smoother navigation. Again, simplicity is the name of the game. The agency stuck with a sticky, intuitive menu bar that houses just three options and one, distinctive CTA.

The menu fits into ConverseNow website design seamlessly. It complements the overall aesthetics and enhances the overall enjoyment tenfold.

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