TopoTopo Colorful Homepage

TopoTopo is an interactive, topographical, mapping interface that allows users to search and discover topographical representations of any place on Earth. The activity, created by the digital wizards at HUSH, brings emerging technologies together to create a truly modern experience that captures the imagination.

TopoTopo’s home page is laid out on a blank pink background, with a search bar overhead, the map interface in the center, and several augmentation tools down below. Users are able to search for any place on Earth, and they will receive a digital visualization of that area’s topography. This creates an incredible sense of personalization and user autonomy. It allows users to tailor the experience to locations that are significant to themselves, and it even comes with the ability to share and 3D print the representations.

TopoTopo’s website designer has truly brought the user into the fabric of the experience. They can manipulate, personalize, and express themselves through the interactive activity, endearing users to the experience and expanding its reach with each new share.

TopoTopo Clean FAQ Page

Here, the designer explains the impetus of TopoTopo and why it’s important that this activity was created. This overlay comes in atop the interface when users click the “About” button, keeping viewers immersed in the activity as they explain its purpose and function. By allowing the “About” page to exist on top of the activity itself, the designer has maintained the single page fluidity of the experience, while still not allowing it to exist in a vacuum of meaninglessness. Users will be more appreciative than ever when they return to the experience, now that they understand its intention.

TopoTopo Colorful Website Design

The last shot is intended to showcase the customization and powerful augmentation tools available to users throughout the activity. With the help of the menu, the map’s height has been elevated, the angle has been rotated, and the map now represents a particular search selection. Users have full control over the activity, which is powerful enough to handle any request or alteration the user would like to make. By designing this single page website to be interactive and controllable, the designer has truly immersed users in an experience that is as manageable as it is comprehensive.

TopoTopo is a colorful website design in the Technology industry.

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