Current Haus Clean Website Design

Current Haus is a company dedicated to helping other businesses design and create apps for whatever purposes they need. The company boasts their ability to create fun and intuitive applications for everyday use with the ability to become the “next App Store hit.”

Directly from the home page, Current Haus demonstrates their ability to create a sleek platform by using the entirety of their website to speak for itself. With a simplistic deep scroll feature, the website allows users to find everything they need directly from the home page. The website employs bright colors against a heavy negative space to draw the eyes of the user to the important textual information. To maintain the whimsical and bright appearance, Current Haus employs slow-moving color dots across the entire site in almost a sparkle manner.

While scrolling down the home page for Current Haus, users are able to view all the information they need, including briefly what the company offers, frequently asked questions from potential clients, and access to the company’s portfolio.

Current Haus’ portfolio is broken down into simple, clear, enticing squares. By clicking on one of them, viewers are redirected to a new page where they can see the project deconstructed into images and descriptions, granting a clearer understanding of what Current Haus has created.

In a similar fashion, from the home page, consumers are able to access frequently asked questions that have been proposed to Current Haus. Users are presented with a few simple sentences and the option to read on about the answer. When they press “read more,” the section will expand further to give an in-depth response.

Further down the home page, Current Haus presents an easy-to-use contact form for users to reach out to the company. Viewers are able to get in touch with Current Haus to discuss a project with the company, ask a question, or for any other reason they may have.

From the bottom of the home page, users are given a series of hyperlinks to follow Current Haus on social media. These hyperlinks open new browser pages. Consumers are also able to call the company through a web-based app or utilize a modal window to email the Current Haus through their personal email platform.

Current Haus is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.