Seegno Amazing Homepage

Seegno’s deceptively simple site chooses to focus on message and symmetry in order to create a universally appealing user experience. They are a digital design firm that has interestingly eschewed the excessive showmanship typically seen on similar companies’ sites. Rather than dazzle potential clients with the digital design of their own site, Seegno has decided to implement a minimal but effective web scheme that pushes their portfolio and core values.

Seegno’s beautifully barren site, as demonstrated in this home page, evokes a sense of possibility and limitlessness. They haven’t done too much with the design of their site, but it’s symmetry, fluidity, and style gives users the sense that they’re capable of anything. This site’s blank, but highly finessed, canvas doesn’t paint Seegno into any sort of stylistic box while still managing to be a testament to their talents.

Seegno Amazing Website Design

As you could see on their homepage, Seegno’s core values are creativity, straightforwardness, and personality. This minimal but meticulously graphic portfolio page uses a design scheme that reflects these values.

The blocks are arranged asymmetrically and with loud colors, evoking the value of creativity. That being said the overall layout and format of the page is extremely simple, speaking to Seegno’s value of straightforwardness. Lastly, when users pass their mouse over a specific block, the original image changes into title of the projected highlighted within. This note of responsiveness indicates Seegno’s final value of personality, as it is an experience tailored to the user’s movement. This portfolio page is an excellent example of how when it comes to design, sometimes it’s better to work smarter not harder.

This site’s designer didn’t have to spend too much time brainstorming mechanics or coding nuanced behaviors into the site. Instead, they critically examined the brand of the company and the intention of the site, and chose to execute a style that best complemented these criteria.

Seegno Amazing About Page

This final “About” page is emblematic of how, when designing a site, it’s important to maintain yet expound on an aesthetic. This page is certainly stylized in the same way as all the previous ones, but with a slight twist. The wonky wording and off kilter background text keeps the user experience alive and moving. While it’s important that a site be designed to appear as a unified piece, it’s still essential that little changes occur to maintain interest.

Seegno is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.