Ronan Polin Clean Homepage

Creative talent from all over the world can come together better than ever before to develop masterpieces and useful tools for the 21st century. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right team of designers. Ronan Polin is a young creative designer from Paris, France, putting himself out there to be discovered for meaningful work being crafted digitally worldwide. His website highlights his own journey developing digital materials and working as a freelancer, with the hope of leaving a positive impact on others.

By using a simple design with staggered vertical text boxes, slight movements, and visual effects, Polin provides a simple platform through which users can explore his work. Navigation titles echo his minimalist schematic by using all lowercase script to catch users’ attention and direct them to the different parts of his site. Each page is washed in a white background and sprinkled with just enough wordart and text in black, off-white, or gray to reflect this artist’s aesthetic style.

Ronan Polin Top Website Design

As users discover his project portfolio, they also experience a slight break from the design that is used across the rest of the site. This new design approach emphasizes his work to users, while continuing to incorporate some of the same stylistic techniques that make the site stand out in the first place. Text and headings remain in white fonts, but now the background is filled with black and gray images of his work. A small colored window pops out and overlays a thin white border to attract the eye to the project title and description.

Users can click or drag the colored window and explore details about each of the works in this designer’s project portfolio. The backgrounds within these other pages keep the same black and white themes supported by wordart, backgrounds, and subtle text content. Colored samples of the work on digital models of cell phones or other tools demonstrate the purpose of each project to users. The same balance of white backgrounds, minimal color and movement schemes, and visual space is reflected in each of the works on display, harmonizing the artist’s pieces with his own platform. The UX is easy, clean, and sure to draw the eye of clients seeking an up-and-coming creative professional with a strong understanding of what leads the eye through art.

Ronan Polin is a best website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.