Moonfarmer Creative Homepage

Moonfarmer is a self-proclaimed, creative, digital studio that specializes in interactive web experience. Their website and online portfolio is no exception, featuring a responsive, animated mechanic that reinforces their brand, while providing an interactive experience for users.

Moonfarmer’s home page sets the aesthetic tone of the entire site. The dark coloring and space motif paints Moonfarmer as a company based on wonder and possibility. Additionally, the little astronaut standing on the surface of the moon rotates and animates as users scroll down the site and uncover different content. It brings a sense of movement, development, and control to the UX, and it expounds on the site’s aesthetic and brand. The deeply detailed interface captivates users, while establishing Moonfarmer as a powerfully unique digital design firm with capabilities beyond imagination.

Moonfarmer Creative Website Design

Here, we can see the development of the subtle animation in the lower third of the frame. When users navigate to this page from the home page, the surface of the moon oscillates to reveal Moonfarmer’s mascot now standing before a telescope, gazing out at the cosmic horizon. The new animation further evokes the sense of imagination and endless possibility Moonfarmer’s brand is contingent upon, while also adding a clear progression to the site’s experience.

Users encounter not only a sense of interaction and immersion, but also of development and progression. The UX becomes a narrative all its own, as users excitedly scroll to the next page, hoping to see what happens to the astronaut next. Here, we can see a method in which designers can bring their site to life: By providing a UX that grows and develops with the user’s further exploration.

Moonfarmer Creative Portfolio Page

Moonfarmer’s portfolio page demonstrates how the site’s designer has implemented the content of the site with its interactive design mechanic. When users scroll to Moonfarmer’s portfolio page, their astronaut turns into two astronauts tending a plant together. The image evokes the sense of growth and collaboration Moonfarmer wants to establish on their portfolio page.

Additionally, the actual work on display is embedded seamlessly in tandem with this interactive overlay. It maintains the immersion and interaction the site has thus far built its experience upon, while also still showcasing the company’s portfolio. The animation doesn't come at the expense of salesmanship, and the portfolio doesn't disrupt the immersive UX that makes Moonfarmer’s site so effective.

Moonfarmer is a creative website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.