Digital Smile Academy Great Homepage

Featuring an aesthetic as elegant as their company’s freshly constructed smiles, the site for Digital Smile Academy connects users with dental care services in a spectacular way. Viewers are welcomed by a slightly dimmed, full-screen video on a sleek landing page with dark tones and clean lines.

This design scheme offers varied video options for immediate user engagement, and the opaque composition boldly emphasizes scrolling images with ivory grins. From the social media navigation bar on the side to functional drop-down tabs all throughout, this site is full of constant movement and motion.

Digital Smile Academy Great Menu Design

Rotating script introduces users to the scope of the site, and symmetrical columns of solid color uncover user navigation options. With each click, the site comes to life, revealing photos and videos.

As users scroll through the menu, they experience a range of digital selections as diverse as the company’s available enhancements. Each page actively absorbs attention and efficiently uses space to offer clients thorough knowledge of care options.

Digital Smile Academy Great About Page

The Digital Smile Academy site has the explicit purpose of providing customers with a case library to connect them with customized medical or aesthetic choices. By rotating multiple pages of contrasting solid colors and simple fonts, the designer of the site found a way to keep users interested in what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of site navigation selections.

With each new page, users experience site architecture that naturally draws them from one feature to the next. Zoom effects respond to mouse movement and allow users to explore stories from other satisfied customers. The symmetrical alignment of images and use of simple elements, like drop shadows and highlights, allow the eye to run cleanly across each page from one narrative to the next.

Digital Smile Academy Great Website Design

By coupling a professional composition with a simple color palette, the site for Digital Smile Academy blends complexity and clarity. Customers can interact with numerous pages full of content, but all the options feel manageable when set against this clean, modern look. The use of moving elements, photos, and videos from beginning to end of this site attract the eye and simplify the experience, enabling even the most technologically challenged user to smile.

Digital Smile Academy is a great website design in the Fashion & Beauty and Medical & Pharmacy industries.

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