District0x Colorful Homepage

Joining in on the de-centralized economic model that’s bringing companies like Uber and Airbnb such significant market success, District0x is breaking the mold. This organization is pushing back on entrenched market structures that limit consumer options and raise prices. Instead, they are creating a digital platform where users can govern and manage things on their own.

Perhaps in even more innovative ways than other companies with similar models, the aim of this organization is to provide a platform where people can collaborate without so much centralized oversight that gives them little say. Through market districts that allow individuals to reap more from their own creative power, District0x enables decisions, benefits, data, and profits to remain in the hands of creators.

Their website design reflects the same nonconformist spirit motivating District0x to explore the edges of economic organization. Breaking away from popular corporate designs, floating animations and moving artistic illustrations greet users on the landing page to prompt instant curiosity. Blobs of bright background color make the design feel fresh and slightly disorganized.

District0x Colorful Website Design

The aesthetic is playful and inquisitive, connecting users with the experience in unusual ways. A bold blue menu appears from the left side of the screen, dominating the page before it shrinks back into place. The menu details navigation options that light up with user movements, but it really just explains the roadmap for a site design, using infinite scroll to take users through the experience.

Few traditional shapes exist on the site, and most options—like team bios—appear in ambiguous, rounded shapes of color or light up in white or light-blue when users hover over options.

Drawing “internet citizens” from all over the world, District0x aims to connect users to unique opportunities. The site is multilingual and contains display options in both Chinese and English. As users scroll throughout the website, they can interact with informative panes and pop-ups that counter stuffy business sites devoid of personality. The site design boldly flirts with fun colors and kid-like drawings to create a unique UX sure to trigger questions and challenge conventions.

District0x is a colorful website design in the Technology and Professional Services industries.

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