Madwell Beautiful Homepage

Madwell has a goal: to make their partnered companies as visually professional as possible and to draw in as much client coverage as they can for them. To do so, they do everything. From digital design and app design, to marketing and advertising, to research and foundations; Madwell has their clients covered for anything they might need.

The creative approach to their landing page showcases just what they’re capable of doing. As users move their mouse around the web page, they affect the image of the little boy’s thought process. The floating islands wiggle and move about the screen, following users wherever they move their cursors. The symbolism is high, showing that what a client wants directly affects where Madwell’s thoughts go.

Madwell Beautiful Menu Design

From the landing page, users have two options for navigating around the site. The first is to click on the plus signs scattered among the islands. Each one expands to let users know where they’re about to go.

Additionally, viewers can utilize the menu available on the left side of the screen. It opens up with big, bold letters to show off the four major areas the website is broken down into. Users can have a little fun and move their mouse over the different options to see the colored bars on the left move with them like an accordion.

Madwell Beautiful Website Design

Madwell takes pride in displaying each one of the companies they’ve worked with in depth. On their portfolio page, users can pick a company to redirect their attention to. From there, they’ll be presented with a breakdown of what the client’s campaign was, as well as what Madwell did for them. By scrolling, Madwell incorporates detailed and clear image examples, embedded videos, and links to see their work in use. The highly professional portfolio leaves no questions to be asked about the quality and depth of the work they can complete, letting everything on the page speak for them.

Madwell Beautiful About Page

Interested in learning who the brilliant minds are behind Madwell? Users can head over to the team’s page and meet the brains behind the designs. Each team member posed for a page picture—including Jackson, the cat who has been a Madwell staff member for years and has yet to work one billable hour! Visitors can click on a portrait to activate a sliding screen where they’ll learn about each team member’s story and gain access to a quirky fact about them!

Madwell’s design is intensely creative, colorful, and thoughtful. As users play with interactive images and use their mouse to make color blocks dance, they’ll be actively learning about Madwell’s services—all while having fun.

Madwell is a beautiful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.