Darwin Apps Amazing Homepage

DarwinApps is a state-of-the-art technology company that employs a wide range of software engineers dedicated to creating apps, websites, computer systems, and more on behalf of other companies.

As a business that has done groundbreaking work with big name companies like AT&T and the National Guard, the website conveys their message of professionality. DarwinApps pulls the attention of visitors to their words using contrasting colors red and black against a slanted background design of gray and white.

The site features a menu at the top of the page to guide users through the website. The menu disappears when scrolling through page, actually turning invisible. However, it stays available at any point, and it can be revived by users simply hovering their cursor near the top of the screen.

Darwin Apps Amazing Blog Page

DarwinApps presents consumers with a number of up-to-date articles and social media campaigns through their blog. When clicking on the blog through the menu, the user is sent to a new browser window. When clicked, each blog post redirects the consumer away from the page and to the specific article in question.

Additionally, within the list of articles, consumers can access DarwinApps’ social media sites through a set of hyperlinks that lead directly to Facebook or Twitter. The hyperlinks open a new browser page and access the consumer’s personal information. Alternatively, users can click a simple “follow” button that will open a modal window for consumers to select which platforms they would like to follow DarwinApps on.

Darwin Apps Amazing Forms Design

Users interested in hiring DarwinApps to build something for their company are able to easily contact them through a simple plugin form. The contact form can be accessed through the menu at any time while browsing the website.

Darwin Apps is an amazing website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.