Levitan Minimal Homepage

Isaac Levitan was an influential Russian artist. This full screen, single page website aims to display the talent and significance of Levitan’s work while also telling Levitan’s story. The typography on the homepage was made to look like the signature of an artist on the corner of their work which is very fitting considering the content of this website.

Levitan Minimal Website Design

As you scroll through the site, you are introduced to Levitan, his inspirations, his life story, and his work. The beautiful paintings stretch across the entire background of the page and the text is a simple white typography that is able to be read without taking away from the artwork. It’s a fine balance and the designers appear to have pulled it off.

Probably the most clever part of this design is the fact that the artwork was actually used as the background on many pages. Sometimes the most simple answer is the best. The designers have chosen to let the artwork shine as a main component of the website rather than try to make the artwork only a small piece of the storytelling process.

Levitan Minimal Menu Design

Overall, the website does its job very well. Navigating the site is not complicated. The designers let the artwork take center stage rather than try to do too much. Users can simply scroll, enjoy the story and the artwork. It almost feels like walking through a museum rather than browsing a website.

Levitan is a minimal website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.