NFFTY Great Homepage

NFFTY is a film festival for emerging filmmakers to showcase their recent work to a media-savvy crowd of young people. The festival aims to showcase itself as a high-end destination for amateur filmmakers and to demonstrate that they’re a filmmaker- and audience-oriented festival.

NFFTY’s home page is a strong step in their brand direction, as it shows a large audience of young people completely captivated by something on the big screen. Other than the image, the page is almost completely empty, except for a bit of branding and a small menu icon. The page really foregrounds the audience and, more specifically, their watching.

The home page speaks to the core values of the festival, and it makes NFFTY appear like a well attended, respected, and enjoyable event for audiences and filmmakers alike. This development is an example of how, when it comes to design, you should always be conscious of what your most potent elements are. By understanding that the most powerful tool in the box is this photo, NFFTY’s designer built a page around that exact weapon.

NFFTY Great Website Design

NFFTY’s menu page is the next element in question; it bulges out from the side of the screenwhen the icon is clicked. The menu doesn’t exist on its own page, but rather sits in tandem with the home page of the site. This not only keeps the photo of the captive audience in view, but it also makes it appear as if the menu that displays critical information about the festival is what now captivates them. Such a simple mechanic keeps the brand values and image endeavors of NFFTY on track, while also giving the page a little more functionality and relevance.

NFFTY Clean Contact Section

Lastly, a social media slider rests at the bottom of every page. From here, users can visit the site’s social media accounts and other film-specific online communities. When designing a site, you need to keep in mind how the subject of a site informs the relevant outlets it can exist across. This designer was conscious of how NFFTY’s Vimeo and YouTube pages would be relevant to a user’s experience, and they chose to properly implement these outlets in the site.

NFFTY is a best website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.