Face Of Homelessness Great Homepage

Face of Homeless is an activist site dedicated to raising awareness of homelessness and the experience behind it. They focus on portraying genuine humanity, so as to endear users to the victims and proposed solutions of the epidemic. Face of Homeless’ home page is an excellent introduction to an experience that pulls back the curtain and exposes the true face of homelessness.

The initial appearance of the screen features a translucent blue overlay that clouds the underlying image of a homeless man. Users are asked if they'd like to uncover the real stories behind homelessness. At the click of a button, the blue overlay disappears, and a video of the homeless man begins to play. Users see his face unobstructed for the first time, and they hear his story like they never have before. This unmasking UX creates a powerful sympathy and even guilt for not taking action sooner. The excellent design mechanic is the perfect intro to the site’s noble mission.

Face Of Homelessness Great Stories Page

The “Stories” page is an underlying blog-like page found on the website. Here, users can engage with a variety of panels, all of which portray a uniquely human story. There isn't any flashy UI or bold effects, just four steely faces staring right into the user’s eyes. Here is yet another powerful page that allows users to see the very human magnitude of this problem. It’s not data or text about the problem; it’s a series of close-up interviews that allow the homeless to speak for themselves. The overwhelming UX stems from the layout and format of the page. The gaze of the oppressed is locked on the user, and they feel called to hear and help.

Face Of Homelessness Great Website Design

This page is the interior blog-style post that is accessed when users click on one of the panels. Each of these articles feature a brief interview and a powerful quote at the bottom of the page. Such a design echoes the intentions if the entire site. Users could spend hours scrolling through the site and watching interview after interview. There are so many, and they're all so powerful. This combo of scale and guttural humanity resonates without fail, thanks to a design that perfectly emphasizes the nature of the epidemic.

Face Of Homelessness is a best website design in the Non-Profit industry.