The Intercept Minimal Homepage

The news has never been more attractive. Clean, symmetrical, simple, and minimal are the four thematic themes that Intercept has splashed on their webpages. The spotless white backdrop and minimalist user interface, uniquely pulls the entire website together making it one of the most fascinating web designs in the news industry.

What is refreshing about Interface’s website is that it isn’t afraid to be bold and provocative with its content. For example, a cover story on the front page includes a large, banner high-resolution photograph with a bolded large typeface that reads “Emboldened By Trump, U.S. Border Officials Are Lying to Asylum Seekers And Turning Them Away.” The syntactical imagery gives the users an urgency to read the article and while they see it as staying informed, Intercept sees it as an opportunity to garner foot traffic. It’s a win-win.

The Intercept Minimal Website Design

The deep scroll design was a good fit for the overall website. Keeping the background a simple white, draws attention to the foreground. No better example of this could be the call-to-action scroll subpage.

The bright purple is striking and grabs the user’s attention. The banner’s background with black squares and purple lines are indicative of a newspaper. The basic graphics are simple, yet a powerful message to the field of journalism. The large, bold typeface is a simple call to action and yet draws attention beneath to sign up for the site’s newsletter.

The Intercept Minimal About Page

The about page is hilarious, not because it’s poorly designed, but because the large font encourages viewers to quickly go through the content and get back to the news. The content itself is a straightforward, deep scroll page that with a positive user interface, allows them to learn about the organization, but doesn’t take away from the site.

Intercept is a rising respectable news organization, however, they should give themselves a pat on the back for their website. The website clearly wants users to focus solely on the daily updated news articles, yet has given them a backdrop for a simple, innovative website.

The Intercept is a top website design in the Distribution industry.