Barisieur Home Page Website Design

Barisieur’s Website Design Focuses On The Products

Barisieur is a brand that creates innovative and creative alarm clocks. Their inventions are crafty, modern and sleek, offering morning people the gadget that will get them up and moving and awake.

This startup concept was founded by a team in London who’ve been working on developing this coffee alarm clock for years. They’ve just recently hit their goal and are working towards providing these products to the public with excitement and satisfaction.

These Barisieur alarm clocks make you coffee or tea as they wake you. Open your eyes to the sounds of boiling water, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

This product also hopes to lull you into a pleasing nightly routine — setting up your coffee or tea alarm clock with the hopes that you will begin a nightly ritual that puts you in the right headspace for a satisfying and relaxing night sleep.

A lot of time, effort and innovation went into this design — from its many different forms and functions to the intricate and specific materials used in its creation. It’s a forward-thinking product that’s equal parts crazy, cool and creative.

And the website design created for this new product is equally stunning.

It’s modern, fresh and exciting, using contrasting colors and a clean, single-page website design to shine.

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Barisieur Product Page Website Design

The Barisieur Online Portal Surprises With Contrasting Colors

The Barisieur website plays with color in a spectacular and superior way. This design is made up of a monochromatic, black and white color scheme that mirrors the colors of its single product — of which comes in a white color, and a black color.

The homepage is divided in half by these colors, one half sitting on a black background and the other on a white. On each, you see the contrasting product images, as well as a number of powerful, exciting and dynamic geometric shapes that add depth and texture to the design.

This contrasting use of color is a brilliant display of creativity — using simple design elements to stand out in a bold and breathtaking way.

And this use of color continues throughout the website, in its illustration, subtle animation and smooth transitions.

The website sits against a clean, white background. And the single-page aspect of the design leads users peacefully along their journey where they’re met with more mesmerizing products shots, contrasting text and image boxes, and playful photography.

The color in this design sets the mood — one that’s seductive, inspiring and engaging. It’s deep, dark and a little bit mysterious. But you want to know more and you can’t help but keep scrolling along.

This dynamic, monochromatic color palette is subtle, yet smooth. It effectively pulls users in and puts them in the right state of mind to buy. And considering this product aims to soothe consumers into consciousness, that’s exactly the kind of vibe that sells.

Barisieur About Page Website Design

Barisieur’s E-Commerce Website Uses Clean, Product-Focused Elements To Entice Users To Buy

This website is dedicated to one product that comes in two colors, and for that reason, it’s a very clean, cohesive and simple design that engages users with ease and takes them on a journey with a very clearly outlined end result.

Clear CTAs are always apparent — from the Buy button in the top right corner of the menu bar that scrolls with the user.

A single page design streamlines navigation and encourages buyers to complete their journey with ease and excitement and a monochromatic color scheme creates a contrasting design that puts emphasis on the two separate products.

The contrasting colors add excitement and draw eyes to these products and to the areas of the website with the helpful information buyer’s need on their journey.

Clear CTAs make it easy for consumers to choose the product they need and make the purchase with satisfaction. And since there are only two products available, the process is simplified even further, fostering a pleasant user experience.

A helpful, semi-transparent menu bar scrolls along with the user, making it clear that the consumer is always able to learn more, buy or interact with the brand on social media.

This clean, minimalistic design promotes positivity and adds a lightness to the air that brightens your day and excites — which is exactly what this product aims to do.

Barisieur History Website Design

Barisieur’s Digital Destination Uses A Clean Layout And Exciting Photography To Drive Sales

The creatives behind the Barisieur coffee alarm clock spared no expense in the creation of their product, and their website design.

This innovative and minimal website uses an exciting, monochromatic black and white color scheme to highlight the single product. And this color choice comes from the two colors this product is available in.

Similarly, the clean, open and airy design leads users through the product and its journey to creation. A single-page design gives users access to all of the necessary information in one helpful place and creates a user experience that is streamlined and simple.

This modern, moody and creative website design pairs beautifully with the exciting and futuristic product it promotes.

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