Flavinsky Minimal Homepage

Flavinsky.com is a personal page for a France based digital freelancer. He uses the site largely as a portfolio of his past, more photographic world, but has designed it in a way that also demonstrates his prowess behind the computer. This homepage is proof that the guy knows what he’s doing, no matter how it needs to be done. The two photographs in the center quickly fly in and cover the center text of the page. From here users can click the photographs and watch them morph and reassemble before scrolling down to the next page.

By implementing his work with still images into a dynamic motion scheme, this designer is showing that he is really the full package. He can capture quality material in the field, then format it in the most involved way possible. He also demonstrates a strong knowledge of user experience. He uses inward/outward motion to seamlessly transport the user to different places. This level of competency is exactly what this designer needs to show if he wants to sell himself as a one man digital hot shot, and his home page does that right off the bat.

Flavinsky Minimal Website Design

This is the beginning of the portfolio page users access directly from the home screen. Again, he’s used a variety of photographic images, but has designed their layout and programmed motion into them that brings the otherwise still images to life. The look of the page is like a magazine catalog, and for all intents and purposes that’s what this entire site is for him.

By cataloging his work in a dynamic way, he’s not only drawing users deeper into the nuance of his talent, but is also constructing a fluid user experience. He’s demonstrating how through meticulous design you can fabricate space and experience. He’s implemented his portfolio seamlessly into the design of his own site, demonstrating that he is in fact his work.

Flavinsky Minimal About Page

He also uses dynamic text with a variety of styles to further indicate his expertise in the field, and his experience with high-end projects. This particular blurb provides insight into his artistic resume and personal professional history. This adds just another level to this sites function as a self-testimonial. He’s providing spaces within the site to both demonstrate and discuss his design capabilities. This provides the fullest endorsement possible of his abilities and creates a varied UX that continually changes and grows.

Flavinsky is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.