Marpi Studios Creative Homepage

If you’re looking for some animations that are weird, beautiful, breathtaking, creepy, and mesmerizing; Marpi has it all. Marpi is a digital artist that builds tools which allow others to create work just like this.

At first glance, the website feels cluttered and confusing. However, after spending a few moments on the site, we felt like we had a good understanding of how the site was set up to be enjoyed. The different projects are available to be viewed right from the home page. Some of the photos are animated and direct your eye to that spot. With all of the different photos on the page, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific area of the page that catches your eye. But, speaking of eyes…

Marpi Studios Creative Website Design

The image of the eyes caught our eye. We clicked on the link and it brought us to a full page display. The eyes move around the page, following your cursor as you move.

The animation is creepy but quite amazing. This is definitely a great example of the work that Marpi can do. The colors of the iris are bright while the white eyeballs move across the clean, white background. Again, this takes up the entire page. There is nothing to steal your attention. You watch the eyes and they watch you.

Marpi Studios Creative Portfolio Page

There is also a more traditional way to browse Marpi’s portfolio. Even in this traditional portfolio setup, the images take up almost the entire page. The colors serve as a focal point and Marpi is careful not to provide too much text or information to take away from the images. After all, he is an artist. He let’s the art speak for itself.

Art may be subjective but there’s no denying the amazing animations on Marpi’s website. The various portfolio items available to view are a great way to help consume some time and see what’s possible in the world of digital animation.

Marpi Studios is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Technology industries.