Garden Studio Stunning Website Design

Clean, crisp illustrations mixed with a strong sense of art and professionalism is exactly what Garden Studio has to offer. Located in Brazil, the website opens in the studio owners’ native language of Portuguese, but site visitors are able to toggle back and forth between that and English, which provides ease-of-use for users all around the world.

The home page opens with a colorful, parallax-inspired illustration of a lakeside scene, with the setting sun disappearing below the horizon as users scroll down. The inspiring image entices users to continue navigating through Garden Studio’s website.

Garden Studio takes the complication out of looking through their website and makes it easy to want to invest in their work. The single page site is easy to navigate, with the ability to simply scroll down to access all the information potential clients need to make a decision about working with the company.

Don’t wait to utilize the scroll? Garden Studio offers an alternative menu, which does all of the scrolling for you.

Due to the nature of their work, Garden Studio emphasizes the need for users to understand what services they offer. The descriptions of their services are laid out in a casual manner. Against a wide negative space in dark coloring, the company uses a combination of white and pink to describe each of their professional offerings. The sleek and minimalistic design speaks volumes against the picturesque imagery of the site, showing potential clients the versatility of what Garden Studio can do.

For those looking to view Garden Studio’s portfolio, several websites they have worked on are made readily available. Instead of diving into a series of screenshots and lengthy descriptions, the company offers hyperlinks directly to the websites they have created. This is a brilliant strategy as it shows off the entirety of the project Garden Studio has worked on, rather than just bits and pieces. Potential clients are able to see the fluidity of every project and how each platform works.

At the very bottom of the page, after potential clients have had the chance to explore and learn everything they want about Garden Studio, users can reach out to the company through their personal email. By clicking on the email—prompted on the website—a modal window will open up the client’s personal email and let them contact Garden Studio.

Garden Studio’s web design perfectly mimics their actual work. It’s exhilaratingly beautiful, highly professional, and wonderfully organized in consistent color schemes and evolving graphics. As a whole, Garden Studio’s deep scroll site entices users to contact them for professional digital experiences.

Garden Studio is a stunning website design in the Professional Services industry.