Gig Inc Gorgeous Homepage

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Gig Inc. is the company for you, covering everything from consulting to advertising, from engineering to service development.

With a company focused on doing everything, their website needs to present itself in an equally efficient manner. Luckily, it does just that.

The homepage introduces you to Gig Inc. with a minimalistic approach, relying on a monochromatic color scheme. The use of geometric shapes and bold wording makes up the foreground of the page. The background showcases a muted display of photographs.

Site navigation is essential, a concept Gig Inc. doesn’t shy away from. In a brilliant move of design, the homepage employs a double menu.

Down the left side of the page, you’ll find a simplified menu where each page is laid out for you to go through. However, the meat of the homepage also presents you with a creative map to the main pages of the site with its geometric designs, capitalized font, and photographs.

Move your mouse across the page and find the photographs coordinating with each page to bring the images and bright colors forward.

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Gig Inc Gorgeous Blog Page

Communication with your customers is something all companies need to be engaging in. It ups user engagement and it connects companies with potential clients.

Gig Inc.’s blog maintains a simplified format, making it easy for you to stay up to speed with what they’re doing.

The site presents the page to you in a large grid. Each blog post takes up about a third of the page with a clear photograph and a brief summary. The presentation continues the minimalistic feel through its gray background and white text boxes, pulling all of your focus to the vibrant images that the website design uses.

Gig Inc Clean Contact Page

Contact is important, and the method of contact is key to creating a dynamic experience for users. The simple appearance of the page guides you straight to the plugin form in the middle of the page. It’s hard to miss with the thin frame wrapped around it! The form lets you put in all the information the company needs in a matter of moments. You couldn’t ask for a simpler and more user-friendly experience.

The core feature of Gig Inc. is simplicity at its finest in order to create the best user experience possible. A minimalistic, monochrome appearance takes away all the unnecessary additions and allows the focus to be solely centered on the company’s message, catapulting this into the "best website design" category with ease.

Gig Inc. is a clean website design in the Professional Services and technology industries.

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