GoDaddy Clean Homepage

Got a business and need to create a website for it? Turn to GoDaddy for all of your web design needs!

Vibrant green becomes the foundation of GoDaddy’s site, popping off the page and guiding you in your introductory adventure to the company's homepage. A number of quirky visuals, from videos to illustrations, are set against a white background makes for a fun way to tell the company’s story and its perks.

The page is put together in a clean manner, making navigation through the information a breeze as you’re drawn further into what GoDaddy has to offer you. Bold font is presented in either bright green or black to separate important headers from the descriptive information. There’s no way to get lost on the page!

Ready to explore what GoDaddy has to offer after reading about all the perks of signing up with the company? Scroll right back to the top of the homepage and you’ll find a horizontal menu laid out for your convenience. The contrasting black lettering against the white makes each service listed easy to read and easy to dive right into.

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GoDaddy Clean Blog Page

Design and technological elements are highly important to any business. Knowing how to properly execute them takes any website from good to great in terms of effectiveness. Not only does GoDaddy offer a wide variety of services you can employ for your business, but they also give you a wonderfully dynamic blog to guide you as you build your business.

When you land on the page, the site offers up a feature post at the top of the page. Big, bold, and right in your face, you won’t miss any of the brilliant advice they have for you. Scroll down the dark page to find a grid of posts set up. The combination of clear imagery and smartly formatted titles is enough to entice you into reading more, knowing you’ll only be growing your business impact as you do!

GoDaddy Clean About Page

Explore the millions of options GoDaddy offers you by visiting one of many product pages. Versatility becomes key as you’re offered a table menu of options. Its thick grey appearance draws your attention straight to the various ways you can customize your research. It offers a dual navigation tool for a breezy experience. Simply click where you want or scroll the length of the page. The power is in your hands! The alternating use of light grey and white divides the page, separating each option from the next. It’s a simple transition that’s easy on the eyes and creates perfect boundaries.

Quirky green illustrations replace bullet points and pop off the page for a subtle and creative effect on the organization. Accompanied by boldly worded segments, you’re sure to find your way around. GoDaddy’s flawlessly clean approach guides you through the impact their products have.

GoDaddy is a name nearly everyone knows and with good reason. They help businesses build themselves into independence. Vibrant colors and vivid imagery accent each and every message the website design sends to its users, showing that they really do know what they’re talking about.

GoDaddy is a fun website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.

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