Green Rebel Professional Homepage

The main video banner captures the brand's holistic approach to their restaurant and how the food is prepared as soon as the user lands on the homepage. The navigation creates a nice transition from the banner -- which overlays on top of the image without a background behind it -- to a solid background color that has sticky navigation as the users scroll.

While scrolling down, the user can see an overlapping effect with the text panels that come in from the left and right, as well as elements like food sliding on top of the panels that create a parallax effect.

The chalkboard and beige paper background panels give the site a fresh, natural, homemade quality. The “made from scratch” look is enhanced with custom, hand-drawn illustrations of food, food imagery, and soft gray tones for the text and backgrounds.


Green Rebel Professional Website Design

This restaurant appeals to consumers who desire healthy meals and a great environment. The overall approach for the website is an earthy, organic look. This is achieved through textured grunge effects and handmade elements throughout the site. The site is nicely balanced with captivating imagery and simple text that creates a fresh, new look for the restaurant and brand that make it stand apart from competitors.

Green Rebel Professional Contact Page

This page gets straight to the point without distracting the user. The main messaging is the first thing users see, and a call to cation button drives them to the catering order form.

The main banner repeats the homepage's textured background with a clean and simple message that is paired with a small but not overwhelming image on the right. As the users scrolls down the page, the map remains on-brand, with similar coloring styles as stylized location pins as the rest of the site. 

The locations have a nice layout, listed on the left in one column with an overlay image and balanced by drawings on the right. Overall this page has a nice flow of content and information hierarchy from top to bottom.

Green Rebel is a professional website design in the Agriculture and Food & Beverage industries.