Ferme de Sohan Great Homepage

Organic farm Ferme de Sohan has created an innovative, original web design that enhances the use of UI and UX. Its parallax-inspired model makes it easy for users to navigate the sitemap.

The home page presents a dark, transparent background with an image of their farm. The bold, white typography juxtaposes against the translucent colors of the page, pulling the content forward. The top menu bar has a noticeable, white backdrop that doesn’t interfere with the overall presentation of the website. This approach allows users to experience the interactive sitemap on the left side of the page without becoming distracted. Every page uses a parallax-inspired scroll, which makes transitioning through the website a cinch.

Ferme de Sohan Great About Page

Ferme de Sohan’s “About” page is bright and crisp, compelling users to view the text box on the right side of the screen. Its content is minimal, highlighting only the key points about the farm. It also takes advantage of the sitemap menu on the left, allowing users to scroll through a timeline of the company’s history.

The vivid background photo readily encourages user experience. Its high-resolution and pixel account give the page a fresh look. The lighting of the image adds to the page’s vivacity, which plays on the UX interface.

Ferme de Sohan Great Website Design

Ferme de Sohan’s product page introduces an interesting design concept, using a parallax format to help viewers navigate. The use of a still photo as a backdrop results in a noninvasive experience of the page, guiding readers to focus on the central text box. The introductory content is short and sweet, which encourages users to continue scrolling down the side menu to review the company’s products.

Ferme de Sohan’s website brings the countryside to the modern digital age. It’s clean and edgy, and its parallax-inspired design influences user interaction. Overall, the website is extremely effective, and it delivers a unique composition of imagery and web design.

Ferme de Sohan is a best website design in the Agriculture industry.