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Join with iDE, a globally recognized group seeking to solve the world’s poverty problem. Help to create market-based solutions by using your natural business skills and ultimately changing the lives of millions of people simply by being you.

Tackling a serious issue can be hard, especially when it comes to gaining the interest of the audience, but iDE makes it accessible by including eclectic colors that bring the homepage to life. The combination of photography filters to change the dynamic of the photos used, flattening the color to a single vibrant scheme and complementing with shades of another color such as orange and purple or green and blue. The choice makes for an eye-catching effect, especially against the stark white backdrop.

The website, while offering up a lot in a short space, utilizes an opposing combination of grids with paragraphs. Grid squares showcase quirky illustrations to help their points hit home as well as complement the image choices on the website design. The decision to do so gives you a visual reprieve that is a breeze to scroll through.

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The brilliant coloring of the homepage is alleviated as you navigate your way into iDE’s About page. A clean, organized presentation make for easy reading.

Vibrant green font pops off the page as you scroll down the white page, creating natural headers to divide up the page. These headers are combined with thick black lines. You won’t be able to miss the separation of ideas! Each idea down the page comes with an interesting little illustration coordinating with the idea. It’s small but adds a little extra oomph to the page. Amplifying the effect, each set flips around the alignment for a zig-zag appearance down the page that is fun to look at.

With a brilliantly colorful introductory, iDE puts together a platform where the serious topic of poverty is easy to dive into and care about. The choice to create a simple page builds on the curiosity developed through visual stimuli and capitalizes on that with organized information. The dynamic combination creates a pleasant and educational user experience that’s certain to leave them yearning to help change the world.

iDE is a colorful website design in the Non-Profit industry. 

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