Inside Abbey Road Main Page Website Design

Inside Abbey Road Is Google’s Answer To Learning About The Beatles And Musical Evolution

Inside Abbey Road is an interactive, online experience created by Abbey Road Studios and Google. The website offers users an exclusive, one-of-a-kind look into Abbey Road Studios where they can mix their own music, take a walk through the studio, learn about the Beatles and the musical legends that played within its walls.

With this dynamic web page, users can quite literally walk in the footsteps of legends in the music industry — people like, of course, the Beatles, along with Amy Winehouse, Jay Z and more.

This world-renowned recording studio has, for years, kept its doors closed to the public. But now they’re open, and people can get the peak they’ve been waiting decades for.

Walk through each of the three recording studios, watch music videos and live recordings, sift through discographies, check out musical photo galleries and learn about the history that this studio has seen over the years.

A helpful narrator guides you along your journey — either producer Giles Martin or broadcaster Lauren Laverne.

Explore, have fun and learn in this interactive and exciting website.

This design enables users to play along. They can walk through this studio, mix music and more. It’s playful, intuitive and informative. And it’s a stunning experience that any music lover or internet user would be happy to walk through.

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Inside Abbey Road Studio Map Website Design

The Inside Abbey Road Website Engages Users With Interactive Design Elements

Inside Abbey Road is an interactive website in nature, with many engaging elements that get users involved along the journey.

From the second someone lands on the web page, the screen jumps to life and they’re witness to one of the most infamous recording studios in the world. Users can click, swipe and drag themselves into the studio, around the recording studio and into other areas of Abbey Road.

The website is highly intuitive, making it easy for users to swivel around, getting a complete 360-degree experience and view of each and every studio inside of these walls. Viewers aren’t constrained or held back. They can explore every nook, cranny and crevice with ease.

There’s even a map that outlines all of the areas of the studio where users can dig a little deeper — watch videos, read bios and more.

This is an entirely immersive experience. Mobile users of the site can even use specially designed cardboard goggles by Google to experience this in person — these goggles becoming a headset that moves as your head moves.

The Inside Abbey Roads website wants users to feel like they are actually there, like this is their own personal experience that they are creating in real-time. And the interactivity and engaging aspects of this site lend to that feeling.

It’s educational but in a fun and playful way that makes people invested in the content that they’re learning about even if they weren’t at first.

Inside Abbey Road Sound Mixing Page Website Design

Inside Abbey Road’s Online Destination Entices Visitors With Playful Audio

But this experience isn’t just visual and clickable — how could it be? This is a music recording studio, after all.

From the getgo, users are led along this journey with the help of a narrator. This narrator adds depth by providing context and necessary background information when you arrive, when you enter a new studio and when you get to the sections that include even more visual information.

Similarly, these additional spots scattered around the site offer a number of auditory elements — from music videos to live recordings and more. Learn about these legends from the legends themselves.

There is also the addition of a music mixer, where you can combine tracks and create your own songs and music mixes.

This added layer of audio really rounds out the user experience, creating a journey that is compelling for the eyes and ears.

Inside Abbey Road Studio Page Website Design

The Inside Abbey Road Website Stuns In Its Dynamic Imagery & Overall Simplicity

The Inside Abbey Road site is fun and playful — the interactive elements make it engaging and the integration of audio makes this a rounded experience that all the senses can get involved with intimately.

The images and graphics on this website are stunning. Users can walk through the front doors, explore the three studios and even play with replica Abbey Road Studio music mixers to create their own tunes.

Users can click and drag themselves across the studio, watching videos, interacting with media and learning about the studio’s history. It’s a click-heavy website but it’s highly intuitive, easy to use and fun.

A helpful map also helps users find their way along the journey, highlighting the key spots where they can absorb, play and learn.

This is a fun way to learn and educate. It gets users intimately involved throughout the process and lets them choose what they want to see, learn and do. It’s not a boring museum website or educational site. It’s playful, engaging and fun.

In addition to the physical, clickable and visual aspects of this site, there is also an auditory element that elevates the design. A helpful narrator guides users along, showing the key information, explaining each studio and section and adding depth to the learning experience.

The integration of music mixing and video pop-ups also add an auditory element that is extremely engaging, pleasing to the ears and helpful for the overall user experience. This is a site that you can see, touch and hear. This makes it more compelling innately than other informative website designs.

The Inside Abbey Road website is a refreshing change of pace, with interactivity, audio and visuals that stun, amaze and enlighten.

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