Safe Events Minimal Homepage

Safe Events is an event planning company that specializes in organizing any nature of large activities for companies, from risk management to the actual execution of the event itself. With such a serious industry focus, it is no wonder that the company employs a bright and airy atmosphere on their website.

With a flat, teal background as their designated negative space, the company uses a common sans serif font in white to make the words on the pages stand out. The use of bold and black font draws the eyes of the user to specific words that are meant to have a stronger meaning.

Safe Events Minimal Website Design

Safe Events makes use of a unique scrolling perspective to add a new angle to their website. As users browse their way downward on the home page, a diamond in the middle of the page keeps track of exactly where the user is percentage-wise on the page. The geometric shape sits centered on the screen, nestled in a white negative space. The teal coloring from the home screen is pulled into the numbering as the percentage crawls higher further down the page.

Safe Events Minimal Menu

To make navigation easy, Safe Events employs a simplified hamburger menu that’s accessible from the upper right-hand corner of any page. Clicking on it opens a sidebar menu from the right side of the screen. Its simple appearance combines a white negative space with a pale gray sans serif font. The page titles are left-aligned in the sidebar menu, making for easy reading. To track pages as they are being viewed, the website pulls from the teal coloring to create a simple geometric arrow as a tracking vice.

Safe Events Minimal Contact Page

Safe Events wants to make contacting them as easy as possible. To do so, the website utilizes a simple plugin form placed near the center of the page, alongside a map of where the company's office is located. The form is made to stand out against the white negative space, emphasizing it as the center of focus for the user.

Taking light of a serious business, Safe Events employs a colorful and simplistic web platform to share their company with users. The wide negative space and vibrant colors make for an easy viewing experience, where users can dive into the company’s benefits.

Safe Events is a minimal website design in the Hospitality and Professional Services industries.