Smooth Sailing Ibiza Beautiful Homepage

Ibiza boat charter company Smooth has developed a web design that uses visualization, special effects, and parallax scrolling to captivate visitors and encourage site exploration. The high-quality images and decorative typography enhance the UI and UX applications.

The home page features a fullscreen, aerial video clip of the ocean, making the user feel as if they’re moving with the water. At the top of the page, the site has a horizontal menu that offers a sense of balance, thanks to the company’s logo placed in the middle. On the bottom right corner, a live chat box extends user interaction.

Smooth Sailing Ibiza Beautiful Gallery

The product page uses a 3x3 gallery-style grid with high-quality images. The gray background pulls the images to the forefront of the page, emphasizing their importance. It gives the user the illusion that the images are three-dimensional in a two-dimensional space.

Smooth Sailing Ibiza Beautiful Modal Window

Users can interact with the product gallery, which enhances their experience. Each thumbnail image contains an eye icon and a plus sign icon. When a visitor clicks on the eye graphic, the page opens a modal window that presents a short explanation of the product.

Smooth Sailing Ibiza Beautiful Checkout Page

When a user clicks on the plus sign visual, it hyperlinks to a product page. This page is more detailed, and it gives specifics about the boat for sale. It usesminimal content, but it’s purposeful. Like the modal window, the product page isn’t cluttered with unnecessary images or content.

Smooth Sailing Ibiza Beautiful Blog Page

Smooth’s blog page deserves an honorable mention for its balance and symmetry. It uses the same 3x3 gallery-style format as the product page, but, the visual components entice users to read the blog posts, rather than purchase a product.

Smooth’s website is fluid, fresh, and invigorating. Its high-quality photography, full screen effects, and gallery-style format offer a great example of fusing the UX and UI applications.

Smooth Sailing Ibiza is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation, Automotive, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.