Lemuria Experimental Website Homepage

Lemuria is an Italian fashion brand fusing experimental designs with dark colors and high-quality fabrics. Landing on the homepage, the user is unable to scroll through the different sections. Instead, a full-screen video promoting each collection alternates across the screen, immediately capturing the user in the aesthetic of the brand.

A minimalist navigation bar at the top of the screen changes from transparent to white when the cursor hovers over it, adding a nice interactive feature that serves to wake up the eyes. The navigation bar hosts only a menu icon, logo design, and shop button. Clicking the menu icon causes the black and white menu to drop down, echoing the monochromatic tones of the collection.

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Lemuria Website Product Pages

A white button appears on each video asking the user to view the collection. Clicking this button leads the user deeper into the web page. The video does not change, rather the scroll function is enabled, allowing the user to scroll downwards to view the entire collection with the same video remaining at the top of the screen.

Lemuria Retail Website

Clicking on each look causes a full-screen landing page to pop up. Highlighting the monochromatic tones that dominate each collection, the screen is split into a white side, featuring static images of the look, and a dark gray side, hosting a video of the look, adding movement to the page.

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Lemuria E-Commerce Website Design

Clicking the white “Shop Now” button on the dark grey side of the screen leads the user to the official product page for the look. Although all looks appear in black on the Lemuria web page, in their store the user may choose from a selection of colors. Choosing one consistent color for all the looks on the web page helps to cultivate brand identity.

As far as fashion goes, Lemuria is a relatively new label. With fashion-forward images and textured videos, the Lemuria website design shows users why they should take a chance on the new brand on the block and complete one of their easy online purchases.

Lemuria is a clean website design in the Fashion & Beauty and E-Commerce & Retail industries.