Dragone Beautiful Homepage

Welcome to Dragone… where live performances meet magic right before your very eyes! Indulge yourself in a show like you’ve never seen before.

Dragone lights up their home page with an eclectic display of color and creativity. Stunning blues swirl on the page, fading into black around the edging as your eyes are drawn to the newest show that the studio is putting on. The elegant web design is intriguing and gives you an idea of the kind of magic the company is capable of creating.

Running horizontally across the center of the page, Dragone puts together a unique menu for you to access. The blocky design is made up of thematic images showcasing to help showcase the area of the website listed. Gradient coloring changes per menu square, adding visual spice to the design the longer you stare at it. The centered formatting puts the menu right in front of you for easy access.

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Dragone Beautiful About Page

Ready to learn about the Dragone Studio before you head out and invest in seeing one of their shows? Head on over to their about page and dive into the culture the studio has created for themselves. Vibrant imagery shines on your screen, illuminating the name of the studio in a beautiful manner.

As you scroll, the page focuses on keeping everything in the center for you to quickly read through. Blocks of texts are combined with simple photographs and even an embedded video. The imagery is important, working in tandem with the text to truly drive the words home. It impacts you as the reader, helping form a connection with the company.

Drawing on the same menu design you found on the home page, Dragone offers you a secondary menu through the about page. There’s so much to explore and they make sure it’s easy for you to do. Different colors are chosen, ones that complement the set up of the about page. It visually ties the page together in an appealing way.

Dragone visually impresses their audiences with every one of their stunning shows. It only makes sense that their website would do the same. Vivid imagery becomes the foundation for a pleasant user experience, teasing the eyes and drawing users deeper into their website.

Dragone is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.

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