Make Your Money Matter Illustrated Homepage

Off the top of your head, what’s the difference between credit unions and big banks? Not really sure? That’s okay. Most people don’t, and that’s why Make Your Money Matter is here to help. Dedicated to making sure you understand the differences and which option best benefits you, Make Your Money Matter takes a whimsical and fun approach to a serious situation.

From the moment users hit the landing page, the lightheartedness immediately begins with a puppy running through a field as the loading screen. The adorable animation is almost enough to make users forget that they’re about to learn about an important financial aspect to life.

Make Your Money Matter Illustrated Website Design

Continuing from the puppy loading screen, Make Your Money Matter pulls away from lengthy descriptions and long articles in exchange for playful animations and brief tellings. As users roll the scroll wheel on their mouse, they’ll be navigated through the story of money in a big bank. They’ll learn about what happens after they deposit their money into a big bank and where it goes after it’s deposited.

Guiding users through animations with statistics and knowledge, Make Your Money Matter gives a detailed account about the process of money, making it easy to follow for anyone viewing it. All animations move with the scroll of the mouse, and it’s simple to move back and forth to review different segments of the tale.

Viewers even have the opportunity to enter the name of what bank they use and the amount they deposit each week to see how using a big bank affects them, their money process, and how shareholders are impacted by their money. The results may surprise you!

Make Your Money Matter Illustrated Website Design

When it’s all said and done, users will likely want to investigate more into the issue, and Make Your Money Matter is more than willing to help. The website presents several forms for users to download, and they help viewers find a credit union nearby after showing them the differences between credit unions and big banks. Users will be equipped with all the information and all the resources they need to figure out the smartest financial move for themselves!

Make Your Money Matter’s use of playful illustrations and lighthearted storytelling makes the UX fun and easygoing. Users are not overwhelmed by the serious textual content, but they still understand that Make Your Money Matter’s message can deeply impact their financial processes.

Make Your Money Matter is an illustrated website design in the Banking & Finance and Professional Services industries.