Zero Financial Minimal Homepage

More inviting. More rewarding. Zero hassle. That’s the Zero Financial way. Looking into a better way to do banking, Zero Financial brings you a progressive banking experience like you’ve never had.

Clean, concise and organized. That’s the approach taken by Zero Financial as they put together their website for you. White is the foundation to colors, bringing a light and airy feel to each page as you look at them. Green, blue and gray complement the choice. The use is primarily in imagery embedded in the page, drawing your eyes to various displays and piquing your interest. The additional colors also become a way to pull your eyes to fun and exciting facts laid on the page when talking about things like “cash back,” “no fees” and more! The choice is eye-catching in creating a beautifully elegant company introduction.

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Zero Financial Minimal About Page

Wanting to be the next generation of banking, it’s only natural that Zero Financial be ready to introduce you to the dynamic team behind the major goings-on inside the company.

The page utilizes a gorgeous alternative split between white and gray as the backdrop. The colors help your transition between the levels of individuals. Crisp and clear photographs guide you down the page, giving you an up-close introduction to the company’s major players. Even the color schemes within each portrait bring out the page’s overall elegant atmosphere as they use soft and sleek colors. The choice is a lovely one as it ties together not only the page you’re looking at but also draws on the previous feeling of the home page for a dynamic feeling across the website.

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Zero Financial Minimal Blog Page

Familiarize yourself with the thought process of Zero Financial by heading over to their blog and diving on in. The minimalistic presentation takes on a highly organized appearance to let your attention fall to the messages written. The side-by-side appearance gives you an enlarged image to pique your interest, combining it with a bold title. The choice of black makes it unique and stands out on the page like nothing else on the website you’ve seen. The company opts for the briefest teaser text, but beware! It falls off mid-sentence so you’ll want to dive in for the rest of the post!

Beauty and elegance meet organization and simplicity in Zero Financial’s website design. It gives users not only a gorgeous visual experience but also a friendly and functional experience where they can make the most of what the company offers up.

Zero Financial is a minimal website design in the Banking & Finance industries.

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