Heinous Creations Playful Homepage

Heinous Creations works to reinvigorate your company and your brand. The company utilizes a powerful and complementary combination of red, black, and white as a color scheme across the website design.

The colors are bold and enhanced by the use of sans serif font and a flat, medieval-style design. The company employs a simple fade effect to present a number of ways that Heinous Creations can help boost a potential client’s business. Words fade in and out, replaced with another sentence to entice site visitors.

Through scrolling on the homepage, Heinous Creations divides the page up into a number of different segments. Each set of discernable information is clearly divided using the page’s color scheme of red, black, and white.

The font colors coordinate with this as well, including a number of lined accents to reprieve from the sheer volume of words given. The page utilizes an even negative space on either side of the page to keep the focus on the center of the page.

Heinous Creations makes use of a number of embedded videos on their pages to further potential clients’ understanding of the company and how to utilize the company’s website. Settled into the center of the page and heavily surrounded by negative space, each video offers no distractions to potential clients as they watch.

At the very top of the home page, potential clients are able to make use of a menu. While the homepage covers all the information on the website except exact client files, the menu allows its browsers to move up and down the page at will without having to scroll through everything. The menu is right-aligned in small font, created as a vertical list.

To simplify the process of contacting the company, Heinous Creations makes a contact form available to potential clients. The form opens from a sidebar from the left and utilizes a plugin format.

Heinous Creations' unique website design is one of the best, due to its simple one-page site. Despite a deep scroll, they organized their information in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to comprehend manner, capturing users quickly. 

Heinous Creations is a playful website design in the Professional Services industry.

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