Mekades & Friends Awesome Homepage

Confident in the success of their designs, Mekades & Friends crafts the finest graphics, print, and web content for businesses trying to establish powerful brands. It’s not just about the visual aesthetics, it’s also about overcoming challenges in an ever-changing digital sphere. Their work remains at the forefront of innovation to provide visually engaging content and to help clients identify branding and marketing needs, no matter the size of their company.

Their website reflects the same. From a captivating color palette that rotates blue and reddesigns with font families in white, navy, or red, users gain the sense that this agency is in control when it comes to managing an image. Text displays are set next to simple illustrations that outline the agency’s philosophy and their plan of action to take brands to the next level.

Mekades & Friends Awesome Projects Page

Users can access a menu navigation bar from a small icon on the right of the screen, or they can choose to click on specific options from the home page—like the current projects section shown here—to continue viewing the rest of the site. As they reach projects and reference sections, the UX becomes visually busier, highlighting work samples and keeping the details of the agency simple across the site’s structure.

Images of web designs, graphics, and 3D visual animations developed by MNF fill the screen from top to bottom in a staggered, tightly squeezed, visual hierarchy that fills the user’s mind with ideas for their own projects. Yet, the eagerness of the page is simplified by an opaque overlay that darkens the image and briefly describes the subject when users hover over the panel. Users can click on each project to explore more about each sample and gain ideas of their own.

Mekades & Friends Awesome Website Design

When users decide that they want to partner with MNF for an upcoming project, they can click through a simple explanation about Mekades & Friends’ services. Clean pages rely on minimalism to reach their objective. The site avoids extra noise effects, inconsistent text, image movements, and asymmetrical graphic designs to keep the UX streamlined and easy.

Simple rectangles and colors change with user movement, but the parallel sizes of each text box keeps things visually pleasing. Some text boxes change shape in response to user interactions, and illustrations react to mouse movements as users explore various informational sections. The entire interface is designed to convey relationships, simplicity, confidence, and visual order. It is interactive, and it motivates user interest in both the site itself and in the possible products that users could create with this international agency.

Mekades & Friends is an awesome website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.