Maztri (slide 1)

Are you ready to take your interior and exterior design to the next level? Dive on into Maztri, an architecture and design firm with an open mind when it comes to dealing with an open space.

Maztri takes design in a new direction as you make your way to their homepage. Beautiful illustrations localize your attention to the central header on the page. Feathers and leaves come together in an elegant design. Smatters of electric green float over the page.

As you draw your cursor over the screen, they move with you ever so slightly. The elegant set up guides you down the page where you're introduced to the two dynamic areas the company specializes in. Airy and abstract photographs only amplify the contemporary atmosphere created by Maztri. The choice is easy to look at and brings you a sense of calm as you move through the site.

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Maztri (slide 2)

Take a break from learning about Maztri and immerse yourself in a fun website design exercise to find out a little bit about what your personal design interests mean to you. Leaves creating abstract designs around the border of the page draw your eyes to its center. Have fun picking and choosing a few abstract image combinations that you find attractive or interesting. The game is a fun way to distract yourself for a bit while learning about what your preferences actually mean in a simplified quiz.

Maztri (slide 3)

As your adventure on Maztri’s website comes to a close, take a moment to check out the company’s contact section so you know how to reach out to them. The page features a wide open space around each of the images featured, letting your focus be solely on that particular spot.

Illustrations of ferns peak from the underside of images as well as along the border in varying spots. The asymmetrical illustrations complement the zig-zagging images down the page, making the entire composite very easy on your eyes as you scroll.

Maztri creates a contemporary website design by focusing on wide open spaces and beautiful illustrations. The addition of an interactive game showcases just how in tune the company is visual design as an attention grabber.

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