Frost Collective Great Homepage

Frost Collective is a marketing company with the focus of connecting consumers to the branding experiences they create. The company opens up their homepage with an eclectic collection of advertising pieces they have created put together in a slider that potential clients can manipulate through however they want.

Additionally, visitors can hover their cursor over the number of company names written along the right edge of the page; this activates a screen that slides over half the homepage and shows a product photo taken by the company. The versatile web design creates an immersive experience for potential clients to explore Frost Collective their way.

The company utilizes blocked and bolded fonts in black, combined with a gray negative space to showcase bits of information to potential clients. The dynamic approach is vibrant and eye-catching.

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Frost Collective Great News Page

Frost Collective utilizes a combination of a timeline and an archive to present news to clients and potential clients alike. News articles are left-aligned along the page beginning with the latest article posted. Each article is showcased with a square image to draw readers in. This technique is combined with a bolded title in the same eye-catching font from the home page.

A gray negative space allows the words and the images to pop while not distracting from the articles presented.

Latest news articles are aligned on the left half of the page and occupy three-fourths of the page, leaving the right side of the News page to be used for archives, awards and media-based articles.

Frost Collective Clean About Page

Frost Collective embeds a video into their About page as an informative and interactive way to let site visitors learn about what the company has to offer.

The short video is simplistic, straight to the point, and left-aligned on the page. Expanding on the information, the company uses the right side of the page to lay out each area of services covered. A large bold font acts as the header of each segment, while a more simplified font (without the bolding) creates a left-aligned list beneath the header.

Frost Collective is a great website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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