Milwaukee Ballet Beautiful Homepage

The Milwaukee Ballet’s high-end web design is a master class in menu building. Throughout the entire site, users are engaged with a variety of dynamic menus, all of which reinforce the business interests of The Milwaukee Ballet.

Take this home page for instance. Rather than presenting users with a flat menu, the designer has instead created a self-rotating slider to go at the top. These images (marked 01/07 – 07/07) replace each other at a smooth pace, and each links the user to a different part of the site. Additionally, the designer has equipped the slider with manual controls so users can flip through at their own pace. This format allows users to more fully explore a site, rather than feel like they are just being pushed through it.

Milwaukee Ballet Beautiful Website Design

Next, when a user selects a specific node on the aforementioned slider, they are brought to this stunning and dynamic menu. The designer has again presented the user’s options in a truly compelling way, yet hasn’t slacked on the aesthetic. The continuation of the red motif and the images of the almost disembodied dancers, gives the whole site a visual unity and thematic synergy. 

This fluid menu provides users with what is known as “contrary motion”. As they move their mouse left to right, new menu options appear top to bottom. This very simple mechanic gives the whole page much more movement, which is of course at the core of ballet.

Lastly, let’s talk about their “About Us” page, which sort of combines the perks of the previous two pages. Now users are presented with a rotating visual slider up top, and a contrary motion menu below. Again, the colors and visuals of the site remains intact no matter what corner of the site you visit.

This page, with its high rate of dynamic elements, is demonstrative of how the site’s mechanics reinforces the company’s values and identity. Ballet is about high dynamic movement, it’s about pageantry, and it’s about harmony in motion. This site, with its multifaceted fluid menus, presents users with a symphony of motion that is truly evocative of dance.

Milwaukee Ballet is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.