Qaisar Design Amazing Homepage

Online portfolios are becoming a must-have for independent designers. Interaction designer Qaisar Ahmad has revolutionized the digital portfolio. His website beautifully combines the use of UI and UX applications, imagery, and minimal concepts.

The home page utilizes a Javascript DOM Animate program to make the large typeface oscillate between different phrases. Its white backdrop draws attention to the black call to action button underneath the textual content. The black “view portfolio” tab invites users to scroll through Ahmad’s projects, which is a strategic way to encourage user interaction.

Qaisar Design Amazing About Page

Ahmad’s “About” page is a chic, elegant, visual masterpiece that attracts the user’s attention. The dark backdrop pulls the image of Ahmad to the forefront, giving the photograph a translucent finish. The minimal content offers a bird's-eye view of the designer’s experience. The use of white typography accentuates Ahmad’s linked social media buttons, enticing users to follow his work on their platforms.

Qaisar Design Amazing Website Design

Ahmad’s portfolio page is the brightest of all the pages on the site. A white background highlights the high-resolution photograph of Ahmad’s past work. It offers little textual content, inspiring users to explore the page. The black call to action button is a simple plus sign, which expands to open the gallery and the explanation for that specific project.

Qaisar Design Amazing Project Page

Each of the project pages from Ahmad’s portfolio is colorful, and they all use a gallery-style format equipped with parallax scrolling. As a user scrolls through the page, the 3x3 exhibit morphs into single panels, with high-quality images that enhance the UX interface.

Qaisar Design Clean Contact Page

On the top left corner of the menu bar, a “Say Hello” tab leads to Ahmad’s contact page. Here, a black backdrop and simple text draw users’ attention to the left side of the screen. Its white call to action button features the email address of the designer. When a user clicks on the button, it opens to their own email application, further enhancing user experience.

Qaisar Ahmad’s portfolio design is a radical use of visual and minimal conceptualization. It pulls together his project work without cluttering the page with too much content or images, allowing his work to speak for itself.

Qaisar Design is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.