New Heroes & Pioneers Website Design Homepage

Indulge in something beautiful for your home with New Heroes & Pioneers. Publishers specializing in coffee books filled with unique art pieces, their product is a fantastic addition to any home.

The gorgeous photograph of a pier disappearing into the horizon is the first thing your eyes settle on as you enter New Heroes & Pioneers’ website design. The choice complements their scrawled message: creating extraordinary culture.

The muted tones within the picture are paired with the minimalist style of the page. A white backdrop combines with gray text boxes and contemporary imagery as you scroll Your eyes are directed to the center line of the page as the website chooses to condense the number of articles there. It’s essential to giving you direction and focus as you read through these featured samples.

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New Heroes & Pioneers Best Web Design

A complete black and white out. That’s the stunning choice New Heroes & Pioneers makes as they introduce themselves to you.

It’s classy and adds a spark of personality to the beautiful black and white photographs of the company’s team members. A creative division is created between higher-ups and regular workers by changing the shape of their portraits. It’s a simple touch that helps create a better connection to company dynamics through visual diversity.

New Heroes & Pioneers Website Product Page

Being a publishing company, a strong storefront is a necessity. New Heroes & Pioneers have made their product page the tactical point of their design.

Pictures of their products are seamlessly lined up with one another and fit together like a perfect puzzle as you scroll, leaving no room for your eyes to wander from the product. Vibrant and muted colors collide as each book vies for your attention. All at once you’re faced with impressive items from every angle and all you have to decide is where you start. The design is smartly set up, leaving you nowhere to go but straight into something meant to entice you.

New Heroes & Pioneers create books meant to stand out from the rest of the industry and a powerful product section carries their website design. A minimalized and classy approach to the rest of the site guides the user to the shop, where the sudden change is exciting and impressive to the user.

New Heroes & Pioneers is a clean website design in the E-Commerce & Retail and Arts & Recreation industries. 

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