Guggenheim Creative Website Design

Visit the Guggenheim and fall into a story… or dozens. An art museum with a focus on bringing stories together, you’ll find it’s easy to get lost in each and every one.

Scattered photographs and illustrations create the foundation for the Guggenheim’s homepage. Images seem to be placed with no rhyme or reason, dividing your attention to everywhere all at once.

The adventure of the website lies in how you choose to experience it. Pick a place to start! Moving your cursor over a particular picture brings the home page to life with words. Deep gray lettering contrasts the light page, using singular words to describe the story behind the picture. The effect is a brilliant and unique way to introduce you to new pieces of art. If the collection of words ignites your interest, feel free to dive in and learn more by clicking into the image! What you do is entirely up to you!

Guggenheim Clean About Page

Letting the excitement of the homepage take precedence in holding your attention, the Guggenheim takes a highly minimal approach to giving you a deeper insight to the museum and the history of various exhibits.

The purely white platform is complemented by the faded gray squares of images from the home page you came from while the black wording is equally pale. It’s undistracted and let’s you roll through the page with ease. The choice gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the museum while subtly emphasizing your return to the exhibit previews.

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Guggenheim Clean Store Page

Support the Guggenheim by heading over to their shop and perusing through any number of their product pages! A well-organized front is exactly how the museum maintains an easy shopping experience. White becomes the platform to support the vibrant depiction of products lined down the page. The same format is used for each product, creating uniformity so your eyes can easily slip down each row until you find something that entices you.

The Guggenheim is art, and art makes up the Guggenheim. A completely minimal approach draws the eyes of the user to the vivid imagery and illustrations that showcase said art. The choice truly exhibits the talent displayed without anything else to affect how it’s taken in.

Guggenheim is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.

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