17 Best Real Estate Website Designs [2023-2024 Updated]

17 Best Real Estate Website Designs [2023-2024 Updated]
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 15, 2023

Much like the properties they showcase, real estate websites have to be designed to build trust, safety and ultimately, emanate visual appeal.

Having in mind that buying a house and/or an office building is one of the most important purchases somebody ever makes, real estate websites must take full advantage of their possibilities.

So, whether you seek a new family home, business space, upkeeping, or management of your existing properties, see how the 17 best real estate websites for 2023 employ different design strategies to attract customers and drive conversions.

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1. Soflo Home by S3 Marketing Solutions

real estate design

[Source: S3 Marketing Solutions]

Standout features:

  • Realty carousel
  • Google maps integration
  • On-brand palette

One of the best website designs for real estate SOFLO Home Realty is an agency that specializes in luxury properties and new construction homes based in South Florida. With more than a decade-long experience, SOFLO aims to help people accomplish their dreams of owning high-end homes.

Reflecting the nature of properties the brand offers or deals with, S3 Marketing Solutions built a high-end website that quite literally guides future homeowners, sellers, and real estate brokers and ensures transactions go as smoothly as possible.

Speaking of smoothness, each website section and property overview is clear, legible, visually consistent and fast-loading, effortlessly transforming the user journey into the closing deal.

2. This Is Neat Cleaning by Michael Ngo

This Is Neat real estate website design

[Source: This Is Neat Cleaning]

Standout features:

  • Clean, minimal design and copy
  • Contemporary illustrations
  • Great use of the brand color scheme

This Is Neat is a bond cleaning service that, in their own words, “keeps tenants, real estate agents, and property managers happy all across Sydney and Melbourne." They offer a variety of services such as End of Lease Cleaning, Vacate Cleaning, and Moving Cleaning.

Its website is a work of a multifaceted web designer Michael Ngo, who fully adopted the “less is more” design philosophy and put a “clean” design into the cleaning service.

Right from the get-go, the visitors are welcomed with the combination of friendly SaaS design trends, soothing blue hue, and smart copy. Although the specific cartoony style is starting to overstay its welcome, This Is Neat real estate web design uses it to evoke familiarity and personality and generally feel like a genuine embodiment of its service and brand message.

What makes this website stand out is its well-integrated and engaging approach to design and messaging, with subtle color highlights, usage of negative space, and easy, intuitive navigation.

3. Castell Management by Atelier Design

Castell Management real estate website design

[Source: Castell Management]

Standout features:

  • Simple structure and navigation
  • Clean typeface and smart use of negative space
  • Well-defined brand identity and concise structure

Castell Real Estate Management is a Brussels-based agency specializing in a wide array of services including management, brokerage, and short-term rental of real estate in the Belgian capital.

Created by Atelier Design digital and branding agency, Castell’s website is messaging-oriented, dynamic, and simple, conveying its mission and objectives in a clear and professional manner.

Custom visuals, the showcase of properties, and ample negative space accentuate the way written content is delivered.

The copywriting and chosen visual style express the brand’s know-how in a simple and appealing way, avoiding barriers with their audience. The subtle transitions and movements bring an energetic and professional feel to the user experience.

Although the tone and the overall design exude executive mastery, Castell's real estate management website smartly avoids the trap of feeling too white-collar and/or detached.

Scrolling down, dark blue blocks that highlight the brand’s mission break the monotony of a generally low-key color scheme. The typography is a highly legible sans-serif, Ida Thin typeface that helps with message delivery and retention.

4. INKOM by Okinet

INKOM real estate website design

[Source: IKOM]

Standout features:

  • Subtle animation and parallax effects
  • Sticky hamburger menu
  • Clearly visible CTAs

INKOM is a Polish property developer that has been building in Wrocław and its vicinity for more than two decades. The company prides itself on a deep understanding of the local market and the area’s inhabitants, which helped them establish a strong brand position and opportunity to contribute to the region's development.

INKOM’s website, conceived and delivered by Okinet, highlights this focus on the region. The careful placement of the tagline (“I live in Wrocław”), as well as its stylish serif typography, make the whole homepage as balanced as the property behind it.

Subtle parallax effects and the fantastic use of on-brand color transitions and logo elements create a feeling of consistency throughout the site, giving it a holistic web design for real estate.

The main (hamburger) menu navigation is located in the top right corner and it remains sticky throughout the user journey.

The most noticeable visuals are CTA buttons, strategically, yet unconventionally placed across the website. They received the same treatment as the vibrant photographs and are easy to distinguish from the rest of the content.

At the bottom right corner is a chatbot function that connects the visitor to a human agent during work hours for more immediate, personalized interaction.

5. White Island by Bquadro

real estate development websites

[Source: White Island]

Standout features:

  • Parallax effects
  • Luxurious color palette
  • Intuitive navigation and scroll feature

White Island” is the palatial residential complex located on Beloostrovskaya Ulitsa (White Island Street) - a newly constructed deluxe location in Saint Petersburg with highly developed transport, social, retail, and entertainment infrastructures.

White Island is a secluded but not isolated place. It is a copious space of safety, leisure, and comfort in a newly developing city area. The White Island website masterfully crafted by Bquadro perfectly encapsulates the district’s appeal through a subtle yet innovative parallax effect.

The concept is not a simple flexing of opulence but a cozy, high-tech, and environmentally friendly place. The website combines each of these aspects with a user-friendly approach that boosts brand awareness among the target audience.

Bquadro opted for pseudo-3D effects, motion graphics, interactive maps, and horizontal homepage scrolling — a non-standard solution that commands attention.

The unconventional scrolling, combined with ample gold hues makes users feel as if they’re leafing through a swank magazine, “leaning back in a chair, in a business class aircraft.”

The entire website seems to be saturated with dynamic, yet calm animation. This supports the “magazine” vibe of the website, but at the same time, it emphasizes the ergonomics of the residential complex.

One of the more interesting solutions in addition to the main page is the sticky Burger menu, which, when pressed, collapses into a minimalistic side window that offers everything prospective buyers might look for in one convenient place.

6. Avantgarde Properties by Digitalwerk

real estate web design

[Source: Avantgarde Properties]

Standout features:

  • Prominent Awards Showcase
  • Engaging carousel
  • (Expanded) Sticky menu

Avantgarde International Properties is a Vienna-based real estate agency founded in 2011. Over the past decade, the company has overseen numerous high-end transactions and established a strong history of accomplishments in the high-end and real estate market.

The company’s successful mileage, market position, as well as its name, values, and approach, were an ideal foundation for the new website that Digitalwerk created.

Avantgarde Properties website is a textbook example of a simple, elegant, and modern design that demonstrates maximum efficiency when it comes to searching for the right luxury property.

Besides the engaging carousel, it also showcases a unique portfolio with rich imagery that presents the most sought-after properties in Vienna and the surrounding area in a clear manner.

While more and more real estate websites sport the tested tri-color combination of white, black, and gold, Avantgarde Properties’ website proves that it is deserving of the luxurious hues with the assortment of awards, prominently showcased on the homepage.

One of the more interesting features on the website is the variation of sticky menu navigation that morphs into a convenient properties search bar as users scroll down (while also retaining its primary function.)

7. K11 ARTUS by Unlimited (ULTD)

best website designs for real estate

[Source: K11 ARTUS]

Standout features:

  • “Clock” style homepage
  • Music
  • Background visuals and animation

K11 ARTUS is a luxury Hong Kong residence with a 5-star level hotel hospitality, located in the heart of the city’s busiest commercial & shopping hubs in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is part of the K11, a mall-museum hybrid concept conceived in China.

The name of K11 stems from the Eastern philosophy of “the co-existence of nothingness and substance” and it is intrinsically neutral. It is rich in meaning and stimulates numerous interpretations.

The agency Unlimited (ULTD) opted for the “artistic experience” aspect of the said philosophy. ARTUS offers a true artist’s residence for the well-traveled for an exquisite blend of comfort, style, and taste.

Experience interweaves in every element of the K11 ARTUS website and it starts before you set foot on the premises. Website visitors are welcomed with a full-screen video and a “clock” showcasing the prospects of an ideal day at the property.

A seamless user journey continues with a showcase of the company’s values, offerings, inspiration, and benefits with plenty of motion effects, interactive galleries, as well as tranquil music that doesn’t seem to warn out its welcome and becomes an intrinsic part of the scrolling process.

Last but not least is the mega menu that opens when a top-right hamburger icon is clicked. The full-screen panel contrasts the rich visuals with simplicity and subtle gold highlights when a visitor hovers over different categories.

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8.  Mirato by Maibru

best property management website design

[Source: Mirato]

Standout features:

  • Full-screen video
  • Smart modular design
  • Minimalistic, “business card site” layout

Mirato, a Dutch interior design and build agency, helps clients translate their identity, goals, and practical concerns into effective interior concepts and functional solutions.

Likewise, brand development and design studio Maibru translated the agency’s approach into an efficient and elegant website.

After defining the primary visual connection with the branding, Maibru infused it into a clear verbal identity – “creating a space where ideas, ambitions, and stories grow.”

The introductory full-screen video on the homepage perfectly encapsulates the brand message and guides the visitors’ eyes through the exemplary future-proof workspace.

The Mirato website comes to life with its modular design system and concise value proposition presented with an attitude. Scrolling down, ample amounts of white, negative space frame the stylish orange serif typeface of the agency’s services, giving quick glimpses of Mirato’s case studies.

9. Proto Homes by Studio Misfits

web design real estate

[Source: Proto Homes]

Standout features:

  • Impressive landing page
  • A seamless blend of technology and design
  • Creative funnel and CTAs

Proto Homes is one of the world’s first web-based industrialized homebuilding platforms that offers home builders around the globe access to a Lego-like set of proprietary integrated components that assemble into fully customizable homes.

When designing the Proto Homes website, Studio Misfits recognizes that the tech aspects and lingo of the said platform can be overwhelming not only to an average visitor but to its target audience as well.

They adopted the brand’s building approach and translated its message into a truly modern experience, blending disruptive technology with design to change the very fabric of modern home construction. Explore the best construction website designs here.

Right at the start of the user journey, the website says it all, adopting the “show, don’t tell” philosophy, giving visitors full control where they can symbolically assemble their ideal house as soon as they start scrolling.

As the initial WOW factor settles in, users are met with effective, sophisticated, yet welcoming messaging and strategically placed CTAs. The website achieves a clean balance of negative space, allowing beautiful images of finished homes to be front and center.

Subtle animations, videos, and layered parallax elements guide visitors down the funnel, adding details and giving context to every visual point of interest — while many micro-interactions are strategically placed on icons and other elements to add layers of engagement.

10. Scott Salisbury Homes by Digital Noir

real estate web designs

[Source: Scott Salisbury Homes]

Standout features:

  • Subtle animations with before-and-after feature
  • Clean design and effective messaging
  • Innovative menu navigation

Scott Salisbury Homes is one of the world’s leaders in luxury home design and building a marketplace. What differentiates them from the competition is their friendly and helpful customer service that guides their clients through the entire process.

When designing Scott Salisbury Homes' website, Digital Noir followed the same principle to a tee.

Using the tested “less is more” approach, they crafted a fairly minimalistic website with updated, beautiful imagery, enriched with copies of distinctive buzzwords that Scott Salisbury Homes infuses into the foundations of everything they do.

The whole website is built around brand messages, including negative space, simplistic yet pleasing typography, and subtle animation to develop a visual style that embodies the experience of Scott Salisbury homes in digital form.

Although the website uses a hamburger menu, it plays with conventions by placing it on the upper left side while simultaneously letting visitors jump straight into desired categories as grid puzzle pieces on the right.

11. Leroy Merlin Inspirational Mag by Le Studio Digital BETC

best design real estate websites

[Source: Leroy Merlin Inspirational Mag]

Standout features:

  • Interactive 3D diorama carousel
  • A well-constructed color palette
  • Engaging copy

A digital project of the French home improvement retailer leader, Leroy Merlin, Inspirational Mag is an engaging space offering a superbly immersive experience.

The highly-interactive page designed by Le Studio Digital BETC, one of the premium website design companies, starts the user journey with an inspirational 3D diorama slideshow that acts as the main menu, offering a variety of chic interior designs.

The main appeal of Leroy Merlin Inspirational Mag doesn’t depend on its magazine-like layout but on the initial unconventional presentation, further bolstered by downright and passionate copy that seamlessly resonates with readers.

Besides its forthright messaging and engaging product descriptions, the website demonstrates a masterclass in color grading. Each design skillfully plays with the chosen hue and era inspiration, with just a pinch of artistic proficiency to make it all come together – both interior and web design.

12. Casas Mallorca - Real Estate by Dezea

best real estate websites designs

[Source: Casas Mallorca]

Standout features:

  • 3D “postcard” homepage
  • Great use of brand colors
  • Breathtaking background visuals

Casas Mallorca is an independent real estate agency, operating as a family business in the Sóller Valley in Mallorca since 1995. Their website is a creation of Dezea design studio.

Dezea avoids the obvious choice to make design elements more appealing or to nudge visitors with poetic messaging. Instead, they let the gorgeous imagery breathe and seamlessly tell their story.

Drawing from the ample beauty of the sunny Mediterranean island landscapes, they designed an immersive website that prominently showcases both the properties and the atmosphere of the iconic nature.

The homepage, for example, sports a special 3D-like scene that provides the opportunity to witness the beauty firsthand and feel part of the said landscape.

The two dominant shades, gold and deep blue, along with the industry standard negative space, perfectly complement and highlight already appealing imagery, making the whole website experience akin to browsing through a deluxe travel agency or planning a perfect vacation.

13. Orange Design Studio by Fishtank Agency

real estate best website design

[Source: Orange Design Studio]

Standout features:

  • Cursor effects
  • User-friendly navigation and sticky hamburger menu
  • Good balance between messaging and visuals

Orange Design Studio is a Yorkshire-based, visionary architectural design studio that aims to turn clients’ ideas into well-crafted, buildings and spaces.

Their website, courtesy of Fishtank design agency, corresponds to the brand’s intentions and reflects the “engaging with clients to make ideas tangible” philosophy.

Elegant, simple, and user-friendly are the key attributes that describe the brand’s new website, helping them boost engagement.

Studying architectural best practices and industry requirements, Fishtank crafted a website that educates Orange Design Studio’s prospective clients and inspires them to take on new design projects.

Infusing a dash of fresh air into the appealing, albeit simplistic design, the website opts for a stylish, orange dot cursor effect, knowing that even the smallest interactions can change the overall user experience.

The hamburger main menu navigation is “sticky,” as UX best practices dictate. Clicking on it opens an on-brand window and links pointing to the main website pages, arranged in a sequence that follows a natural user journey.

14. Birla Niyaara by Musemakers

[Source: Birla Niyaara]

Standout Features:

  • Modular website design
  • Consistent imagery and color story
  • User-centric luxury branding

Birla Niyaara's digital marketing materials designed by Musemakers are prime examples of the best real estate branding design.

The website's modern layout and impactful brand assets are visually appealing and communicate the brand's unique features. Plus, they effectively appeal to high-end audiences looking for an exclusive lifestyle.

The UI's modular design, built with a block-scrolling effect, offers a seamless experience. Even with complex information, users can easily navigate the page.

Each block is designed to create an element of surprise – from unique scrolling techniques to video overlays. Even better, each is user-centric and adaptable to any platform or device.

Beyond the website, Musemakers also designed marketing collaterals that engage the target audiences. Using the brand imagery, they created statics, videos and carousels that beautifully showcase the project's exclusivity and premium positioning.

A real standout in the real estate industry!

15. Hous Luxe Woningen by Kay Jilesen

[Source: Hous Luxe Woningen]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and minimalist site layout
  • High-quality imagery
  • Scannable property information

Kay Jilesen's marvelous work on Hous Luxe Woningen's real estate website features a clean, minimalist layout that reflects the brand's sophisticated values and target audience.

The use of negative space and simple design elements add to the site's stripped-back aesthetic, making it visually satisfying and scannable. And most importantly, it's super easy to navigate!

Additionally, the high-quality imagery throughout the site creates a cohesive and professional look that conveys the brand's luxury positioning.

The website's gallery of images and artists' perspectives provide users with a detailed look at the houses. It creates a desire to explore the properties further – one of the critical goals of real estate branding.

The straightforward typography and messaging make the content readable. The consistent typeface paired with a white and gold theme adds a touch of refinement to the site. Together, all the design elements provide users with a great browsing experience.

So, if we're talking about the best real estate branding designs in the high-end territory, this website is the one to beat!

16. Traçat: Arquitecture 360 by Jose Sentis

[Source: Traçat: Arquitecture 360]

Standout Features:

  • User-friendly single-page design
  • 360-degree property gallery
  • Dark theme with a touch of color

Traçat: Arquitecture 360's website, designed by Jose Sentis, lets users watch beautiful architecture in a modern environment. Its simple yet super creative single-page layout truly deserves a spot among the best real estate website designs.

The conveyor-style 3D image gallery is one unique feature. It allows users to see architectural works from different angles at their own pace. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees!

When a user clicks on an image, it opens up a more extensive gallery of visuals from that specific project. Sideward scrolling is another design trick that creates extra movement within the browsing experience.

The dark-themed UI is the best choice for this web design. It's easy on the eyes and adds another layer of sleekness and professionalism to the layout.

17. Sherman Messing Group by 24 East Media

[Source: Sherman Messing Group]

Standout Features:

  • Sticky menu navigation
  • High-resolution images
  • Straightforward property details

Sherman Messing Group's website design by 24 East Media introduces innovative ways of presenting properties. The website features a well-organized and intuitive sticky menu navigation, allowing users to easily navigate various sections of the site. The design's clean and structured system makes for a seamless user experience.

The agency's strategy is to bring focus to the client's offerings. They added high-resolution images for a visually appealing look. These images complement the site's easy-on-the-eyes color palette. Moreover, the properties' high-quality images offer an immersive experience for new and existing clients.

Lastly, the property listings are well-organized and straightforward. The design presents essential information in each listing, location, price, and area strategically, making it easier for users to go through the selection. All CTA buttons offer easy access while encouraging user engagement.

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